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Part #: HCU-1

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Hand Control Unit (HCU)

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HCU Multi-Application Hand Controller
  • Multi-Application Controller – combines ergonomic design and functionality
  • It is easy to use and customizable by offering a range of options with simultaneous drive
  • Deployable on all helicopters, land vehicles, and other applications which require a remote control:
    • Camera Surveillance Systems (Compatible with FLIR® Systems)
    • Searchlights
    • Winches
  • Can be easily integrated
  • Front plate can be changed on demand
  • The solid and sturdy Multi-Application Hand Controller is best applicable in harsh environments with temperatures -45°C to +70°C 
  • RS-422 communication protocol
  • Operator can dim or switch off the HCU lighting panel
  • Luminance level of cautions and advisories lighting in DAY mode is ≥ 700 cd/m2 (sunlight readable)
  • Luminance level of cautions and advisories lighting in NIGHT mode is 2.4 ± 1.7 cd/m2
  • Compatible with Night Vision Googles
  • Easily operated by both left or right handers, while all operations can be performed by one hand
  • Tactile switches secure long lifetime
  • Glove compatible
  • Connector to HCU: SOURIAU 851-36RG12-10P50 (MALE)
  • Aircraft side mating connector: SOURIAU 851-02R12-10S50/8500 04 D
  • All components have a minimum technical obsolescence risk
  • Material is not flammable and it is self-extinguishing
  • Metal parts are protected against corrosion
  • Serial interface
  • Optional: Coiled connector cable, mounting bracket
  • Standard Functions:
    • Light (camera) on and off
    • Switching between normal light and IR-light
    • Different positions (stow to search position)
    • Light dimming
    • Focus (camera)


normal operating conditions: 28 VDC Max. voltage: 30.3 VDC
Nominal voltage: 28.0 VDC Min. Voltage: 22.0 VDC
max. electrical consumption: < 1A    
environmental qualification: RTCA/DO-160F Operating temperature: -45°C to +70°C
operational shock: 6g, 20ms crash safety impulse: 20g, 20 ms, 20g, 3s
vibration: Acc. to customer requirements Max. electrical consumption: < 1A



- Multi-Application Controller
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