Part #: SSD120-30A-RS232

Model: SSD12030ARS232

Trans-Cal - Altitude Encoder (30K w/ RS232 Port)
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PLEASE NOTE: This item has been superseded by SSD120-30N-RS232 
  • All solid state electronic device which when connected to an aircraft static and electrical system, converts pressure altitude information into parallel and serial digital data.
  • SSD120-(XX)AE-RS232 is an Extended Tempreture Edition. The only difference between the two versions is the operating temperature of the SSD120-(XX)AE-RS232. The operating temperature is -55 to +70C.
  • 2 RS232 outputs.
  • Is adjustable for 10 feet or 100 feet resolution.
  • May be used to provide pressure altitude data to GPS or other on board navigation devices.
  • Available in various operating altitude ranges corresponding with individual model numbers.


Dimensions: 4.55" L x 1.43" H x 4.30" W Weight: 10 oz.
Operating Voltage: +12 to 30 VDC Operating Current: 0.54 Amps
Operating Temperature: -20 to +70C Warm-up Time: 30 Seconds Self-Test
Accuracy: -1000 to +30000 feet= +/-50 feet Accuracy: +30100 to maximum altitude= +/-75 feet

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Part Number Operating Altitude:
SSD12-30A-RS232 -1000 to +30000 feet
SSD12-30AE-RS232 -1000 to +30000 feet
SSD12-35A-RS232 -1000 to +35000 feet
SSD12-35AE-RS232 -1000 to +35000 feet
SSD12-42A-RS232 -1000 to +42000 feet
SSD12-42AE-RS232 -1000 to +42000 feet


- Altitude Encoder (30K w/ RS232 Port)
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