Part #: SSD120-80N

Model: SSD12080N

Trans-Cal - Solid State Altitude Encoder to 80K ft.
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SSD120-(XX)N the Nano
  • Solid State Altitude Encoder 
  • Smallest & Lightest Altitude Encoder Currently Available
  • 42 Months Manufacture Direct Replacement Warranty
  • Average MTBF: 9.7+ years.
  • Pin for Pin replacement for Most Other Manufacturers Encoders
  • Optional: Available with two independent RS232 serial data ports selectable message protocols for most popular avionics interfaces. Programmable for 100' and 10' resolutions.
  • Optional: Available with adapter plates that will allow the installer to mount the unit in another manufacturers mounting tray.


Weight: 5.9 oz. Operating Altitude: -1000' to +30,000' (Available in altitudes from 30,000' up to 100,000')
Operating Voltage:  14 or 28 VCD Operating Current: 0.270 Amps
Operating Temperature: -20° to +70°C  Warm-up Time: No Warm-up Time: +20°C to +70°C, -20°C to +20°C 30 seconds
Accuracy: ± 50' from -1000' to +30,000'    
Part NumberSolid State Altitude Encoder Description:
SSD120-30N  Up to 30,000 Feet
SSD120-30NE  Up to 30,000 Feet, Hi Temp
SSD120-35N  Up to 35,000 Feet
SSD120-35NE  Up to 35,000 Feet, Hi Temp
SSD120-42N  Up to 42,000 Feet
SSD120-42NE  Up to 42,000 Feet, Hi Temp
SSD120-50N   Up to 50,000 Feet 
SSD120-50NE  Up to 50,000 Feet, Hi Temp 
SSD120-62N   Up to 62,000 Feet 
SSD120-62NE  Up to 62,000 Feet, Hi Temp 
SSD120-65N   Up to 65,000 Feet 
SSD120-65NE   Up to 65,000 Feet, Hi Temp 
SSD120-80N   Up to 80,000 Feet 
SSD120-80NE   Up to 80,000 Feet, Hi Temp 
SSD120-100N   Up to 100,000 Feet 
SSD120-100NE   Up to 100,000 Feet, Hi Temp 
SSD120-30N-RS232      Up to 30,000 Feet, w/RS232 Port 
SSD120-35N-RS232   Up to 35,000 Feet, w/RS232 Port 
SSD120-42N-RS232   Up to 42,000 Feet, w/RS232 Port 
SSD120-30N-RS   Up to 30,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 10 Feet Resolution  
SSD120-35N-RS   Up to 35,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 10 Feet Resolution 
SSD120-42N-RS   Up to 42,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 10 Feet Resolution 
SSD120-30N-RS1   Up to 30,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 1 Foot Resolution 
SSD120-35E-RS1   Up to 35,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 1 Foot Resolution 
SSD120-42N-RS1   Up to 42,000 Feet, w/RS232, RS422/485 & 1 Foot Resolution 


- Solid State Altitude Encoder to 80K ft.
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