Part #: 01577-00

Model: TX56

Trig Avionics
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  • The TX56 has a 10 watt Com radio, suited for most general aviation use
  • Trig’s TX56 Nav/Com units provide the ideal platform to update legacy avionics or equip your new aircraft
  • Slimline and highly efficient housed within a superbly engineered case
  • At only 1.3” high each unit saves valuable space yet contains an impressive selection of practical features for any pilot
  • The low profile design requires no external cooling fans
  • Maximum clarity is achieved by giving prominence to the active Nav or Com mode
  • The unique ‘Push Step’ knob allows the fastest tuning across voice channels, ensuring you can focus on flying whilst communicating
  • The Dual Watch feature allows you to monitor two Com or Nav frequencies at the same time - it’s like having a second radio 
  • The Com functions include the ability to select most recently memorised database frequencies or those displayed on a compatible active GPS track
  • The unit display features a graphical CDI (course deviation indicator)that allows the pilot to navigate without an external CDI
type: Certified-8.33 and 25 kHz COMPLIANCE: ED-23C, ED-67, DO-186B, DO-178B Level B, DO-160G, DO-254 Level C
CERTIFICATION: ETSO 2C128, 2C169a, 2C34f, ETSO 2C36f, 2C40c TSO-C128a, C169a, C34e, TSO-C36e, C40c TYPICAL current consumption in receive mode: at 14V – 265 mA
product Panel Dimensions: H 1.3" x W 6.26" x L 10.63" nominal Transmitter power: 10 W
operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C Supply voltage (dc): 11 -33 V
wieght: 2.42lbs Cooling requirement: No fan required
Front Panel Dimensions: H 1.3" x W 6.26"    
Part Number NAV/COM Description:
01577-00 See description above


- Nav/Comm (8.33kHz, 720ch., 10W, 11-33V)
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