Part #: 5250-001-00

Model: AHS-525

Universal Avionics
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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)-Based Technology
  • Increased Reliability Over Analog Directional and Vertical Gyros
  • Stable and Accurate Analog and Digital Pitch, Roll and Heading Measurements
  • A Multitude of Analog and Digital Outputs for Interface to Existing Avionics
  • Compact Size Lends Flexibility to Installation
  • Ease of Alignment Procedures



power: Primary Input: 28 VDC standard Weight:  7.5 lbs (with Mounting Plate) 6.5 lbs. (without Mounting Plate) 
Components: Attitude Heading Reference Unit, Magnetic Sensing Unit, Attitude Heading Configuration Module, AHRU Aircraft Mounting Plate, Universal Avionics Electronics Flight Instrument System(EFIS) Depth: 8.65 in.
Input/outputs: 3 ARINC 429 inputs, 4 ARNIC 429 outputs, 1 RS-232 input/output port (bi-directional), 1 RS-485 input/output port (bi-directional) (MSU), 1 Input Manchester bus port, 6 3-Wire Synchro output ports, 4 2-Wire Synchro output ports (configurable), 6 Gnd/Open discrete input ports, 1 Open/+28 VDC discrete input port, 6 Open/+28 VDC discrete output ports, 3 26 VAC 400 Hz Synchro Reference input ports, 3 Analog DC differential output ports (configurable), 2 ±10 VDC Analog DC output ports (configurable), 2 2-Wire Analog DC input port size: 5.31 in. H x 5.25 in. W (with Mounting Plate) 5.00 in. H x 5.25 in. W (without Mounting Plate)
FAA TSO/ETSO: TSO-C3e Turn and Slip Indicator Performance, TSO-C4c Bank and Pitch Instruments, TSO-C6e Direction Instrument, Magnetic (Gyroscopically Stabillized)    
Part Number Ahs-525 ahrs Description:
5250-001-00 see details above


- Attitude Heading Reference Unit (AHRU)
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