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Part #: 3040-06-02

Model: ASU


Universal Avionics


Application Server Unit

Part Number :
Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

  • Application Server Unit
  • Designed to the highest standard of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) certification requirements
  • TSO’d as a Class 3 aircraft embedded avionics system
  • Installed in accordance with applicable airworthiness regulations to enable intelligent interface with the aircraft avionics systems, such as own-ship position
  • Display is accomplished through the EFI-890R/890H 8.9 in. diagonal Advanced Flight Display flight deck mounted system
  • Features a hide-toolbar function to maximize the display area
  • Multi operator-defined rotate and zoom levels to optimize readability
  • Supports:   •Procedural Checklists – User-created checklists with discrete inputs for check-off   •Electronic Documents – E-DOCS stored in the ASU for read-only display   •Present Position (PPOS) – Available on all geo-referenced charts   •Broadcast Weather Graphics – Supports broadcast weather graphics with PPOS   •External Video – Standard and EVS cameras supported



Size: 2 MCU Weight: 7.79 lbs
Power Source: Aircraft power Aircraft connectivity: Universal Avionics FMS, other FMS
Inputs: ARINC 429, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-170 for Video (EVS camera), NTSC (standard camera) FAA TSO/ETSO: C109, C113, C153, C165
RTCA Documents: Hardware: DO-160D Software: DO-178B Level C    
Part Number ASU Description:
3040-06-02 see details above


- Application Server Unit
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