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Model: SSDTU

Universal Avionics - Solid State DTU (Mounted, Gray)
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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation    

  • Solid-State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU)
  • Interface with Line Replaceable Units (LRU)
  • Features flash memory technology that adds speed and ease of use to data transfers
  • Replaces floppy and ZIP disks of the DTU and DTU-100
  • Replaces CD/DVD-ROM of the Accessible Data Unit (ADU)
  • All-in-one unit facilitates centralized uploading/downloading for FMS, TAWS & Vision-1® databases and for Application Server Unit (ASU) charts, checklists & E-DOCS
  • Supports USB and SD mass storage devices, high-speed USB and SD media ports directly in the faceplate
  • Appears as a network file server to other interfaced LRUs
  • Transfers data files between media ports and LRU using high-speed Ethernet data bus connection
  • Up to 8 compatible products are supported simultaneously, including Universal's FMS, TAWS, Vision-1®, UniLink®, ASU and UCD systems
  • Lighter and smaller than the DTU-100
  • Available in fixed-mount and portable versions
  • Certified to FAA TSO-C109
  • Meets EASA ETSO-C109


Dimensions: Bezel: 2.25" H x 5.75" W, 7.76" D back of bezel to rear of connector Weight: 2.4 lb
mounting: DZUS hard wired: to NCU
faceplate color: Gray or Black Data Format: Digital
Data Input: SD Card or USB Flash Memory, Bi-directional data transfer via 10/100 Mb Ethernet Power: 27.5 Vdc nominal, 28 Watts nomial
Part Number SSDTU Description:
1408-00-1 Mounted, Gray
1408-00-2 Mounted, Black
1409-00-2 Portable, Black


- Solid State DTU (Mounted, Gray)
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- Solid State DTU (Mounted, Black)
Price Condition Status
- Solid State DTU (Portable, Black)

NSN: 7025-01-582-4812

Price Condition Status

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The Solid-State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU) and the Portable SSDTU replace the DTU-100 (P/N 1406-01-X), Portable DTU-100 (P/N 1407-01-X), DTU (P/N 1403-XX-X, 1405-01-X), Portable DTU (P/N 1404-01-X) and the Accessible Data Unit (ADU) (P/N 3060-0X-0X) in all Universal Avionics applications. Please refer to the Universal Avionics Specifications and Pricing Manual, or to the applicable Flight Management System (FMS) Installation Manual to identify the correct Part Number (P/N) for the project.

The Solid-State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU) is a direct physical replacement for the DTU or DTU-100. The P2 connector will require replacement if used in the existing installation.  The SSDTU is a different Part Number (P/N) than the DTU or DTU-100, and will require certification approval under FAA Form 337 for installation in the aircraft.