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Model: CVFDR-145


Universal Avionics


Combined CVR & FDR Unit

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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

  • Combined Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) & Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • Solid-State flash memory
  • Lightest CVFDR combo solution available
  • Internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS*) Option
  • Meets ED-112
  • No internal batteries to maintain
  • Provides 25 hours of flight data recording and interfaces with data downloader tools to allow quick download of data
  • Features an Ethernet interface for on-aircraft data downloading
  • RIPS* optional backup power allows the CVFDR to record data for 10 minutes after power failure
  • Recording Time:
    • 120 minutes of cockpit voice and ambient audio
    • 25 hours of flight data (minimum)
    • 120 minutes of data link messaging
  • No requirement for periodic maintenance (excluding ULB)
  • ARINC 757 Compatible Recorded Inputs:
    • 3 crew microphones
    • 1 area microphone
  • UTC or FSK time
  • Datalink ARINC 758
  • Bulk Erase allowed with parking brake in place
  • ARINC 717 flight data recording
  • Single control unit for CVR & FDR functionality
  • PC-based ramp testing/diagnostic
  • Manufacturer 2-year warranty
  • CVFDR meets the following certifications:
    • TSO-C123b, CVR Systems
    • TSO-C124b, FDR Systems
    • TSO-C155, RIPS*
    • TSO-C177, Data Link Recorder Systems
    • EUROCAE ED-112

*Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) is available ONLY on Select Units. See the Part Number Chart below for further details.

Dimensions: 6.1" H x 4.9" W x 8" D Weight: 8.68 lbs w/RIPS 7.90 lbs w/out RIPS
Power: 28 Vdc / 115 Vac Mounting: Circular connector, bolt-down mount
Part Number CVFDR Description:
1605-00-00 CVFDR-145, Combined CVR & FDR
1605-01-00 CVFDR-145R, Combined CVR & FDR w/RIPS
1606-00-00 CVR-120A, Baseline CVR
1606-01-00 CVR-120R, CVR w/RIPS
1607-00-00 FDR-25, Baseline FDR


- Combined CVR & FDR Unit
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- Combined CVR/FDR Unit w/ Embedded RIPS
Price Condition Status

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