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Model: CVR-120


Universal Avionics



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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

  • Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
  • TSO-C123a (ED-56A)
  • Solid-State Flash Memory Array
  • Stores up to 120 minutes
  • Line replaceable units (LRU)
  • Input Recording
    • 5 external source inputs
    • 7 recorded channels (6 voice plus rotor speed)
    • Records GMT
  • Maintenance on Condition Only (excluding ULB)
    • No Overhaul Required
    • 30,000 hrs. MTBF
  • Diagnostics and Maintenance Alert through Cockpit Control Panel
  • OEM Three Year Warranty
  • Complete Onboard Aircraft Testing with Portable Test Set
  • Direct replacement for ARINC 557 Analog Tape Units
  • ARINC 757 compatible
  • Three versions of the CVR Control units are available
  • Four channels of audio input consist of a microphone, pilot, copilot & extra source
  • In addition to storing cockpit audio, the CVR is capable of storing other data such as:
    • GMT from an ARINC 429 bus
    • GMT from a Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) signaling source
    • Rotor speed for helicopter applications
    • CVR internal BITE status
  • CVR utilizes Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware and Flash Memory
  • Operation of the CVR is controlled by a microprocessor operating at 24 MHz
  • Underwater locator beacon (ULB) is mounts on the front (ULB sold separately)
  • Software embedded in the CVR is categorized as DO-178B Level D


Dimensions: 6.78" H x 4.875" W x 12.56" L Weight: 13 lbs
Power: 28 Vdc or 115 Vac power consumption: Approx 14W nominal @ 27.5 VDC
Approx 18W nominal @ 115 VAC
Erase: Fail safe; double electrical interlock Recorded Audio Frequency Response: Crew microphones 150 to 3500 Hz
Area microphones 150 to 6000 Hz
Analog rotor speed input: 10 to 15,000 Hz rotor tach frequency
200 K Ohms Impedance
.2 volts min., 100 volts max.
headphone output (monitor): 600 Ohms, each channel
audio input impedance: 5000 Ohms, each channel Recorded SNR: 48 dB (area microphone)
45 dB (minimum)
Harmonic distortion: 10% max THD and noise at 0 dB input
6% max THD and noise at -20 dB input
6.3% max THD for area microphone
audio outputs (6 channels): 775 mV RMS into 600 Ohms (with 330 VRMS input)
ULB Battery life: 6 years (Dukane Model DK120, replaceable battery) Mounting: Solid Rack Mount (shock mounting is not required in
aircraft or helicopter)
Part Number CVR Description:
1603-02-12 CVR with 120 minutes recording



NSN: 5835-01-456-2572

Price Condition Status
- Conversion of CVR-30B to CVR-120
Price Condition Status

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