Part #: 01-0771105-02

Model: 7110502

Whelen - LED Navigation Light (Red, 14V)
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  • 71105 Series LED Navigation Light (Red, 14V)
  • Direct replacement for W1285 Series
  • FAA TSO-C30c approved for all models
  • NAV, EMI and RFI free
  • RFI coating, standard on anti-collision lights
  • Long life LEDs have shown conservative lab life results greater than 20,000 hours
  • Significant reduction in power consumption over outdated alternative light sources
  • LEDs have no glass filament to break so they are shock and vibration resistant
  • State-of-the-art surface mount technology
  • Machined aluminum base
  • LED lens in shatter-resistant hard coated polycarbonate
  • Complies with all aspects of FAA navigation and anti-collision lighting requirements
model P/n: Nav Light Description:
7110501 01-0771105-01 Green, 14V
7110502 01-0771105-02 Red, 14V
7110503 01-0771105-03 Green, 28V
7110504 01-0771105-04 Red, 28V


- LED Navigation Light (Red, 14V)
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