Model: ADC-2000

_ - Air Data Computer
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  • Fuel/Airdata Computer
  • Interfaces with nearly every major GPS and Flight Management System
  • Automatically calculates real-time fuel, airdata, & navigation information which is displayed through the on-board NAV system, EFIS & TAWS
  • Links aircraft systems & GPS receiver, calculating:
    • Fuel used, TAS, true air temperature, OAT, barometric pressure correction, density altitude and wind aloft without manual data entry
  • Provides high resolution altitude management in ten-foot increments to 35,000 feet, driving the vertical NAV feature of new generation GPS receivers
  • Data is automatically used by most GPS manufacturers to substitute for the 4th satellite when not in range, providing 24-hour, 3D position accuracy with 3 satellites
Weight: 2.5 lbs Size: "5.5"L x 3.875"W x 3.875"H
Temperature: -20°C to +55°C Altitude: Up to 35,000 or 55,000 feet
Input Power: 9-35 VDC, 1 Watt Nominal Input: Pitot Pressure (20-385 Kt.) Static Pressure (-1000 to 35,000 feet) Outside Air Temperature (-60°C to +60°C) or Rosemount Probe Heading Synchro (ARINC 407) x, y, z, 26 VAC, 400Hz Baro Correction
Output:  IAS, TAS, Mach, P.ALT, Baro Corrected ALT., D.ALT, OAT, TAT, Wind Aloft, Fuel Flow, L.Fuel Used, R. Fuel Used, Altitude Blind Encoder Output Output Format: RS-422/RS-232, ARINC 429 Low Speed
Environmental: RTCA DO-160B Software: RTCA DO-178A, Level II
TSO Category: C-106, C-44a, C-88a    
Part NumberAir Data Computer Description:
962830-1A see details above; digital fuel flow
962830-2A see details above; sine fuel flow
962830-3A see details above; DC fuel flow



- Air Data Computer
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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