Cessna 206H Operator Station

High Quality Operator Station
Approved for Installation in the Cessna 206H

STC# SA04529AT

What sets us apart:


Over 19 inches available for a variety DZUS mounted equipment


Designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring complete control over quality

Operator-Oriented Design

Houses two monitors with the primary monitor visible at all times and a second retractable monitor and keyboard

Ease of Installation

Installs on existing seat tracks in less than one hour, with no airframe modification required

cessna206 console
cessna 206 front mount outside
cessna 206 side mount outside
cessna 206 mount inside
cessna 206 mount inside

The fully assembled tactical work station was designed and manufactured by Southeast Aerospace for the Cessna 206H aircraft. The console provides a flexible solution for mission equipment with over 19 inches available for DZUS mounted equipment.

The console installs on the existing seat tracks, replacing the forward left-hand passenger seat, with no airframe modifications required. This simplifies installation, which can be completed in less than one hour.

Additionally, the console features a retractable second monitor and keyboard arm for use with the Churchill keyboard, meeting FAA safety requirements for the head strike zone. The standard configuration assumes two Macro-Blue MB15W or MB17W monitors but is also available with a blank panel option to be customized by the installer for a variety of monitors.

cessna 206h console rendering

Featuring a retractable second monitor and keyboard arm for use with the Churchill keyboard, retaining FAA safety requirements for the head strike zone

left quotation
We are excited to offer this STC certified tactical work station that directly replaces the seat with no modification to the aircraft. We designed this console with the TFO in mind, equipped with a secondary monitor that slides out of the console when in flight and retracts into the console when required. This provides maximum capabilities with fewer changes to the aircraft.
-Nathan Hernandez
Business Development Manager
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