Cessna 206 External Sensor Mount

High Quality Cessna 206 Sensor Mount
Designed and Manufactured by Southeast Aerospace

STC# SA01055DE

What sets us apart:

Ease of Installation

Simplified design allows for installation to be completed in one day.


Designed and manufactured in-house ensuring full control over quality.


Can hold a variety of sensors and is supplied with provisions for the MX-10 or FLIR 380HDc.

Quick Disconnect

Allows for swift installation and removal of the sensor from the mount
cessna 206 front mount outside
cessna 206 side mount outside
cessna 206 mount inside
cessna206 mount

cessna 206 with mount

The STC certified Cessna 206 sensor mount system is installed on the left side aft fuselage. The mount structure passes through the fuselage sidewall and is attached to the exiting fuselage structure.

The mounting location keeps the optics below the fuselage to maximize the viewing angle as well as clear of all exhaust gasses that could interfere with image quality.

No aircraft systems are modified; electrical stowing provisions are provided but not connected to any aircraft systems.

Installation of the sensor mount can be completed in less than one day with no changes or limitations to normal flight operations for payloads up to 70 lbs.

The sensor mount was designed so the primary mount structure may be removed from the aircraft when not in use. When not in use, a cover assembly is installed over the airtight skin passthrough.

Provisions are included for a Wescam MX-10 or FLIR 380HDc imaging system, which is to be selected and installed by the end-user.

rendered drawings

Sensor Mount 3D Renderings

The precision machined sensor mount allows for payloads such as the Wescam MX-10 EO/IR imaging system or FLIR 380HDc EO/IR Imaging system to mount on the left side of the aircraft.

The sensor mount's quick disconnect feature allows for the sensor to be easily removed for security purposes and maintenance.

Quick Disconnect Feature

Part Number Description
45-2001300-1 Sensor Mount with MX-10 Connector Plate Assembly
45-2001300-3 Sensor Mount with FLIR 380HDc Connector Plate Assembly
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We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. By certifying our Cessna 206 sensor mount, we are able to support our customers in new ways. Operators will now have the option to work with their local shop, to reduce downtime.

-Nathan Hernandez
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SEA's sensor mount is supplied with a connector stowage plate assembly for either an MX-10 or FLIR 380HDc sensor, dependent on the part number purchased.

The connector stowage plate assembly provides secure storage for the connectors when the sensor is not installed.


Max Sensor Weight: 70 lbs

Max Sensor Area: 225 in2

Mount Weight: 16 lbs

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