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North American TF-51 Avionics Upgrade

Custom Panels

Southeast Aerospace, Inc. recently completed a major avionics upgrade on a North American TF-51. The TF-51 being one of the few popular P-51 family aircraft that are configured with a dual tandem cockpit, SEA brought modernization to both instrument panels! The upgrade consisted of the installation of the Garmin GTN 750XI and GTN 650Xi GPS/NAV/COM/MFD units, 4 new GI 275s configured as ADIs and HSIs in the front and aft cockpits, the GMA 350c audio panel, and the GTX 345R ADS-B transponder.

For this upgrade 2 new custom instrument panels, accessory panels, and circuit breakers panels were designed, fabricated, and finished in-house by SEA. The existing Genesys Aerosystems System 65 autopilot was completely rewired, repaired, and upgraded to allow new features utilizing the newly installed Garmin equipment. Flight director display, GPSS roll steering and more features were added during this upgrade.

With a deadline of the EAA 2021 Air Venture show, SEA delivered the completed aircraft with time to spare. This aircraft performed a solo demo for Air Venture on Tuesday, July 27th! Also, check out our short test flight video on social media.

SEA utilized existing STCs along with in-house engineering and FAA Field Approval for the design and certification of this project.

For more information regarding SEA aircraft modification solutions please contact Luke Gomoll,

Custom Panels

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