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L3 Product Announcements

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L3 has received TSO on the Genesis ESI-500, and expect an AML-STC within 30 days. The ESI-500 offers electronic standby indicator under $6,000 list price.


Now through 12/30/15, SkyWatch users can add traffic enablement to any NGT-9000 for only $500 MSRP. This will allow for removal of the SkyWatch 497 and Skywatch HP 899 transmitter/receiver from the aircraft and re-use the SkyWatch’s existing antenna for the panel mounted NGT-9000+. The upgrade from an NGT-9000 to a NGT-9000+ model is normally priced at $2400 MSRP.

SEA is offering a trade-in value for the removed SkyWatch TRC.

For more information on pricing, trade-in values, and product availability: Contact SEA at or call at 321-255-9877.

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