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Sandel Avilon Retrofit Flight Deck

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Sandel Avionics announced the Sandel Avilon™, a King Air retrofit NextGen flightdeck during NBAA 2015. This revolutionary solution starts with a flyaway price of $175,000.

Avilon represents an entirely new concept, intending to redefine how modern avionics are designed, built, sold, and installed. In contrast to conventional panels made up of multiple separate components, Avilon is a unitary system that arrives from the factory assembled and pre-wired, as an integrated panel replacement.

Sandel envisioned Avilon from the outset of development as a way to enhance affordability, installation efficiency, and most critically, safety, especially for single pilot IFR. Sandel recognized the enormous NextGen navigation possibilities, and as a result Avilon includes all the components of a NextGen flight deck, including radios, FMS, sophisticated radio control, Mode S ADS-B transponder, and high performance flight director/autopilot.

The patent-pending Avilon Path Guidance Panel provides a continuous display path, making single-pilot operations safer and less stressful.

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