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The Affordable Part 25 ADS-B AML STC from Southeast Aerospace

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The ADS-B rebate website went live on Monday, September 19 2016, which will allow many general aviation aircraft owners the opportunity to apply for a $500 rebate to offset their cost to equip their aircraft with avionics that comply with FAA technical standard orders and meet the rule requirements.
As the ADS-B mandate draws closer, operators and modification facilities are seeing an increase in options to meet the requirement.

Regardless of the aircraft category, options can be found from nearly every avionics OEM. As with any mandate, the price is a serious consideration. For Part 25 aircraft, the inexpensive UAT systems are not an option as they fly at FL180 and above.

Therefore, upgrading the existing XPDR system is the only option. Unfortunately for Part 25, available transponder upgrades have little price relief. Unless you have an aircraft with a pre-existing WAAS certified GPS and pre-existing upgradable transponders, your modification to implement ADS-B starts at about $85,000. In most cases, even after the expensive upgrade, you still have to purchase a GDL-39 or similar device to obtain ADS-B In. Southeast Aerospace has observed and listened to the aviation community. We see the benefits the ADS-B Out mandate brings to hardworking ATC controllers. We have seen the cost savings of the free weather and traffic displayed through ADS-B In.

It was vital to find a way to make this transition more affordable to the Business Jet community. As a response, Southeast Aerospace teamed up with Garmin International, Gables Engineering, and Peregrine Avionics to bring the most cost-effective and flexible ADS-B solution to the business aviation community.

Southeast Aerospace's Part 25 AML STC# ST00835DE is available for non-TCAS II Beechjet, Citation, Hawker, Learjet, and Falcon Jet. The prototype installation was performed on a Cessna Citation III. FAA conformity has been completed along with the Ground and Flight Test. Operators will have the option to receive ADS-B In on their portable devices and/or existing Garmin displays (additional approvals may be required for the ADS-B In display). Estimated price of the system installed is UNDER $50,000 at your local Garmin dealer.

For more information, please contact Nathan Hernandez at (321)-255-9877 ext 291 or email Southeast Aerospace will be holding a press conference on Monday, October 31, 2016 at the NBAA-BACE Conference in Orlando, Press Room N220C at 3pm. We will have a Demo System on display at our Booth #4657 during the exhibit hours.




Beechcraft Corporation
HS. 125 Series 700A/700B, BAe 125 Series 800A/800B, Hawker 800/800XP, MU-300-10/400/400A/400T

650 (Citation III, VI and VII), 500, 550, S550, 552, 560

Dassault Aviation
650 (Citation III, VI and VII), 500, 550, S550, 552, 560

24, 24A, 24B, 24B-A, 24C, 24D, 24D-A, 24E, 24F, 24F-A, 25, 25A, 25B, 25C, 25D, 25F, 28, 29, 31, 31A, 35, 36, 35A (C-21A), 36A, 55, 55B, 55C

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