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Garmin Head-up Display (GHD) for Integrated Flight Decks

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Garmin has announced the Head-up Display (GHD-2100), for super-midsize, midsize and light business aircraft. The GHD system incorporates modern optical design within a single display unit, projecting a crisp, clear view of pertinent flight information while also offering superior integration with Garmin Integrated Flight Decks for a near-seamless transition between the GHD and primary flight display (PFD). The GHD is a compact, self-contained projection system with a large 30-degree by 24-degree field-of-view. Driven by the Garmin Integrated Flight Deck, the GHD projects a familiar presentation of critical flight information, symbology and more, contributing to increased safety and operational benefits and providing optimal situational awareness throughout every phase of flight. For much more information on the Garmin Head-up Display, please visit:

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