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Garmin is once again giving the aviation world something to talk about with several major announcements last week. Garmin continues to provide new, exciting products and updates aimed at giving pilots many more options in the cockpit. Here are some highlights of those announcements:

G5 DG/HSI in Certified Fixed Wing Aircraft

Garmin announced that it has received STC approval so that the G5 electronic flight instrument can be installed as a replacement directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI) in type-certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft. Utilizing the new GMU 11 magnetometer, the G5 electronic flight instrument displays magnetic heading allowing the G5 to be considered primary when paired with Garmin VHF NAV/COMMS or select GPS navigators. The standard G5 DG/HSI kit is $2449.

When paired with the GTN™ 650/750, GNS™ 430W/530W or non-WAAS GNS 430/530 navigators, the G5 DG/HSI uses the PMA’d GAD 29 nav interface adapter, and the GMU 11 magnetometer. The G5 DG/HSI kit (with GPS Nav. Interface) price is $2975. Both system kits include STC Permission Letter Redemption Card. Currently, the G5 DG/HSI AML STC does not include autopilot interface. For more information on this press release please visit:

GMA 345/342

Garmin announced the release of two new audio panels- the GMA 345 and GMA 342. Both are designed to be slide-in upgrades for the GMA 340 audio panel. The GMA 345 and GMA 342 are all digital audio panels designed for fixed-wing aircraft featuring Bluetooth® audio connectivity and a front-mounted USB charging port. The GMA 342 includes contains a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack allowing pilots to connect a mobile device directly to the audio panel. Garmin was the first company to introduce 3D Audio to the general aviation market. With stereo headsets, incoming audio is spatially separated to reflect how people process sound and conversation by differentiating audio sources by their unique locations or seat position, giving the GMA-345 & GMA-342 home theater sound quality. For a more detailed list of the features these two new units offer please visit:

Garmin GTX 335 w/ GPS and Antenna

Garmin has announced a new GTX 335 w/GPS ADS-B transponder kit, available at a promotional price of only $2,995.00, $800 off the list price, now through December 29, 2017. The new promotional kit bundles the GTX 335 w/GPS with a GA 35 WAAS antenna, offering customers a completely standalone ADS-B “Out” solution. For more information check out:

New GTN 650/750 Upgrades

Garmin also announced the addition of new capabilities and enhancements for the popular GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators. Some of the features included in the upgrade are Visual Approach Guidance and control and display of the GTX -3000 transponder and GTS-8000 TCAS II/ACAS II from the touch screen. The upgrades are available by a free software update for new and existing GTN 650/750 navigators and should be available in May from your local Garmin Authorized Dealer. For more detailed information on this upgrade please visit:

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