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Southeast Aerospace Selected by Prime Contractor for AN/ALE-47 Integration

Southeast Aerospace Selected by Prime Contractor for AN/ALE-47 Integration

Southeast Aerospace, a leading Aerospace solutions company, was selected by a prime contractor to support a Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to integrate the AN/ALE-47 CMDS (Countermeasure Dispensing System) for a fleet of Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters. The SH-60 is deployed primarily aboard frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. The primary missions of the SH-60 are surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

The ALE-47 CMDS identifies and defeats infrared and radio frequency missiles. The system uses information from integrated electronic warfare sensors such as radar warning receivers and missile warning receivers to determine the correct response to defeat infrared and radio frequency guided missiles.

Southeast Aerospace worked with the prime and DOD to develop the installation design data to minimize installation complexity and enhance safety features. Fabrication of the installation A-kits ensured a trouble-free, turnkey solution for the end user. In addition SEA traveled to Europe for onsite support of the installation and validation of the kits on the first two helicopters. The end user, utilizing A-kits developed by Southeast Aerospace, modified the remainder of the fleet.

"Our extensive experience integrating Aircraft Survivability Equipment on Blackhawk derivatives and other fixed-wing and rotorcraft platforms provided us with a unique advantage. We leveraged existing design data to expedite the schedule and provide a lower cost solution for the customer," stated Rob Reed, Director Aircraft Modifications Programs.

"The end user is very happy with the aircraft's new capabilities and they are very pleased with the extra safety features incorporated that their other aircraft do not have," stated a lead source at the Department of Defense.