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KOBE Steel announcement

Kobe Steel Quality Announcement SEA

ATTN: To whom it may concern,

Recent reports concerning Kobe Steel have described forged test data for aluminum and copper products. Southeast Aerospace will continue to monitor this situation as more information is made available.

Currently, we have reached out to all suppliers who have provided metal products to our facility. We have asked these suppliers to disclose all information concerning Kobe Steel products in their supply chain. To date, all Southeast Aerospace suppliers have confirmed there has been no distribution activity with Kobe Steel materials to our organization.

Southeast Aerospace has no reports to offer at this time concerning products manufactured with Kobe Steel materials. The safety of our customers continues to be our mission. Should any further information become available, we will not hesitate to provide all details of affected materials to our customers.

Should you have further questions, please contact Scott Harrison, or Mike Liles,

Scott Harrison
Quality Assurance Director

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