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Learjet 60 Gogo Install

Southeast Aerospace recently modified a Learjet 60 to provide Wi-Fi connection and email service in the Contiguous United States (CONUS), portions of Canada, and Alaska. This program included structural and electrical installations performed by SEA service technicians at the customer’s facility at the Palm Beach International Airport.

The Gogo Biz 4G unit combined all the features of the Stand-alone ATG-5000 CTR and adds the functions of Gogo smart router (UCS-5000). This unit was mounted in a pressurized area based on a recommended/specific location per the system installation manual. The system also includes two bottom mounted antennas that were installed based on DER Structural approvals.

Dave Alderman

Gogo Biz 4G

The Gogo Biz 4G will triple existing Gogo Biz data speeds giving business travelers the luxury of surfing the web with high-speed internet, stream video or audio and check email & social media. For a complete overview please visit the Gogo Biz 4G page.

Southeast Aerospace teamed up with Liberty Partners Inc. to test the aircraft systems to assure compatibility with Wi-Fi system I.A.W their STC ST11071SC. Liberty Partners is able to test all Wi-Fi systems, not just a specific one, against the aircrafts critical systems to ensure it will not interfere with those systems while in flight. Visit Liberty Partners Inc. for more information on all the services they provide.

For a complete breakdown and summary of this installation project, please contact the Installation Team at Southeast Aerospace:

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