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McMurdo Announces INTEGRA EASY

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McMurdo has introduced the newest product of their Integra AF ELT line, the INTEGRA EASY. The Integra Easy is a complete kit solution for easy ELT installation & retrofit.


  • AV200 Whip or AV300 Rod Antenna
  • AF INTEGRA ELT, P/N S1851501-02
  • Universal Mounting Bracket, P/N S1840502-02
  • RC 200 KIT, P/N S1820513-18
  • DIN 12 Connector, P/N S1820514-03
The Integra AF is equipped with a 406 MHz back-up antenna, which enables the ELT to transmit the 406 MHz distress signal independently from the aircraft, in case the external antenna is broken or damaged. Its embedded GPS improves location accuracy to hundreds meters while avoiding the cost of a GPS interface installation. Save long-term costs with the Integra ELT's 10-year warranty.

Please Contact SEA with any questions and detailed information is available on our Components Sales site.

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