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NSA 407MRH State of the Art Mission Equipment Package

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Southeast Aerospace designed an engineering package for Northstar Aviation. The first two aircraft were designated as prototypes and all commercial and military modifications were completed by SEA at our facility in Melbourne Fl. With Department of State approval the aircraft were exported to the UAE. The remaining aircraft were modified by SEA to incorporate all the commercials modifications in Melbourne and exported the aircraft to the UAE as commercial aircraft. The military modifications were then installed by Northstar in the UAE utilizing SEA work instructions and modification kits. The modifications kits contained all of the electrical and structural components required to perform these military modifications.

To date, NorthStar/SEA has supplied 30 finished 407MRHs to the UAE. As ordered by the UAE, the Bell 407MRH's military mission range is diverse. It can handle Passenger Transport, Close Air Support, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), Light Assault, and Light Attack, with its four station, under-aircraft structure that can support Hellfire missiles, a GAU 19 machine gun, a M134 mini-gun, and Hydra 70 Rockets (in pods).

SEA design includes:
  • Digital Audio/ICS
  • IFF Transponder
  • Electronic Standby Instrument
  • Iridium Tracker
  • Radio Altimeter
  • Stores Management System
  • Mission Management System

  • Stability Augmentation System
  • EO/IR Sensor
  • Video Downlink
  • NVIS Modifications
  • Composite Mission Doors
  • Composite Driveshaft Cover
  • ELT

Read the full feature article about the NSA 407MRH project in the May 2017 issue of RotorcraftPro magazine.

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