Part #: 066-01148-1111

Model: KLN-89

BendixKing - IFR GPS Receiver
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  • Panel-mount GPS with moving map graphics
  • Easy-to-read map display
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen database
  • Eight-channel parallel GPS receiver
  • "Direct-To" feature for easy navigation
  • Altitude input for increased accuracy
  • Can be interfaced to external CDI or HSI, RMI, some Shadin or ARNAV fuel management systems, several external moving map displays, and certain Shadin air data systems
  • Front-loading database card available in three options - Americas database covering Canada, US, Central and South America; Atlantic International and Pacific Intl. database
  • Database can store up to 500 user-defined waypoints along with user comments for up to 200 airports
  • Operates on any voltage 11-33Vdc
  • Similar to KLN-89B GPS but does not have IFR capability and is not TSO'd
  • Upgrade available to improve KLN-89 units to KLN-89B status

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Dimensions: 6.31"W x 2.00"H x 10.72"L Weight: 2.55 lbs.
Altitude: Up to 35,000 ft. Power Inputs: 11 to 33 VDC at 2.5A max
Part NumberIFR GPS Receiver Description:
066-01148-1111 see details above


- IFR GPS Receiver

NSN: 5826-01-597-7459

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In most cases, Honeywell offers two options for GPS database updates: - Card/cartridge replacement - Computer download

Users can order a subscription and have a database card/cartridge delivered to a given address every 28 days. If an update is not required as frequently, users can simply order a database card or cartridge direct from Honeywell Wingman Services. Click Hereto go to the Wingman website.

The GPS database Internet download option is available for most receivers. The update is downloaded to a laptop computer. The laptop is then interfaced to the GPS inside the aircraft via the PC interface kit (P/N 050-03213-0000). Certain GPS receiver software as well as laptop performance requirements must be met in order to properly utilize Internet downloading and the computer interface. Please view the following document for complete instructions on computer updating. GPS_download.pdf

Please Note: The KLN-35A and KLX-135A GPS units can only be updated via computer as they do not have externally accessible databases.

No. The two cartridges are physically different in dimensions and will not fit into the same slot. Another difference is the number of pins; the KLN-89 cartridge has a 40-pin connector, while the KLN-94 cartridge has a 50-pin connector. Notice the comparison pictures below.

While the KLN-89 and KLN-89B use the same rack, connector plate, and mating connectors, the features, functions, and subsequent installation certification need to be taken into consideration.

The KLN-89 is for VFR navigation while the KLN-89B provides VFR, IFR enroute, and IFR non-precision approach functions. For complete IFR certification, CDI and annunciators must be interfaced to the KLN-89B along with a 28 day database subscription. This is not required for the KLN-89.

For more information on IFR GPS certification and approval, please see this important FAQ here.