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Color IFR GPS Receiver

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  • Color IFR GPS with moving map
  • Enhanced version of easy-to-use operating system found in KLN-89B
  • Can be directly retrofitted to replace existing KLN-89B (see important notes below)
  • Comprehensive aeronautical database including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, and special-use airspace
  • Supplemental cartographic database including rivers, roads, lakes, cities, railroad tracks, boundaries, and towers
  • IFR GPS capability (TSO C129a) for en route, terminal, and non-precision approaches
  • Automatic "vector to final" approach capability
  • Dedicated "Range" and "Map" menu buttons facilitate map access and tailoring
  • Dedicated "Procedures" button simplifies loading of approaches and arrival / departure procedures
  • Provides map presentation of other non-GPS approaches (including ILS approaches) for greater situational awareness
  • Quick-Tune feature automatically loads frequencies into KX-155A Nav/Comm
  • Self-contained annunciators reduce installation cost
  • -0102 includes with DC roll steering output for use with KAP-140 and KFC-225 autopilots (click Here for diagram)

Additional Information: Click Here for Pilot's Guide (Note: Requires different database card than KLN-89B) (Note: See KLN-89B to KLN-94 Install Bulletin) (Note: See message regarding KLN-94 Maintenance Pages)


Dimensions: 6.31"W x 2.00"H x 10.72"L TSO: C129a
Cooling: 4 cfm required Temperature: -20 to 55C
Altitude: up to 55000 ft. Lighting: 220ma max @ 14VDC; 110ma max @ 28VDC
Input Power: 11-33VDC at 3.0 Max    
Part Number: Description:
069-01034-0101 Original production unit
069-01034-0102 Includes DC roll steering


- Color IFR GPS Receiver

NSN: 5826-01-581-8673

Price Condition Status
- Color IFR GPS Receiver

NSN: 5826-01-597-7463

Price Condition Status

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In relation to NE (New) parts, many OEMs change their prices and availability without any notice to dealers or the industry. Therefore, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication, we ask that customers contact us for the most accurate price and availability.

In relation to SV & OH parts, the used parts aftermarket in the aviation industry is not an infinite supply. It is a dynamic, constantly changing market that is significantly affected by and susceptible to highs and lows in supply and demand. Therefore, although we attempt to, at times, we are unable to predict the exact moment when an item may be available. Once again, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication on our website, we ask that customers contact us for the most current and accurate price and availability.

The KLN-94 is not a WAAS GPS, nor is it upgradeable to one. We recommend the KT-74, but if you decide to upgrade to a GPS400W or GNS430W, then you would want to go with a GTX-330.

A color display helps identify and organize the information you want to see. A color display conveys the information in a way that speeds up your recognition of navigation data.

See this PDF document for a detailed listing of currently available IFR GPS systems and a brief comparison.

Yes, Southeast Aerospace will accept the -0101 KLN-94 as acceptable core for the exchange of the -0102 KLN-94?
As of January 2012, the LCD module (P/N 043-05012-0001) for the KLN-94 is no longer available from Honeywell. Honeywell has not advised of any conditional replacement or alternate solution for display replacement. In addition, as of January 2012, Honeywell does not offer any other panel mount IFR GPS navigators in their Bendix/King product line. Therefore, a different IFR navigator from a different manufacturer should be considered to replace your KLN-94.
Southeast Aerospace does not offer Return To Service paperwork services on General Aviation aircraft for installations that we do not perform.
As of October 2010, Honeywell does not have any plans to incorporate WAAS into these units. No further details are available.

However, Honeywell is manufacturing WAAS sensors for their APEX GPS series. This series DOES NOT include any of the following: KLN-89B, KLN-90B, KLN-94, KLN-900 or GNS-XLS.
No, the cost to replace a KLN-94 display exceeds the Exchange price. Therefore, a KLN-94 unit with a defective display is not acceptable exchange core and will require additional billing. The 2010 List Price for the KLN-94 display is $1704.

Negotiating the exchange price of a unit only limits the allowable repair cap for the core unit. Southeast Aerospace's exchange transactions are based on the return of economically repairable core unit. Once the core is received and evaluated, the core repair cost incurred by SEA cannot exceed 75% of the original exchange price. That is, it cannot cost SEA more than 75% of the original OH/SV exchange price collected from the customer. Therefore, when and if an SEA exchange price is discounted, there is a risk that additional charges may be assessed once the core is returned and evaluated.

The KLN-94 installation manual recommends the KI-202/206, KI-208A/209A, KPI-553A/553B, and the KI-525A as compatible indicators. However, most conventional nav indicators can provide the standard CDI interface for GPS lateral and/or vertical deviation. In most cases, there is already a nav indicator in most aircraft panels that is compatible with the GPS. Therefore, a means of switching the CDI between the nav and GPS sources is all that is needed. A good example of such a switching assembly would be a Mid-Continent MD-41.
No, KPI-553A models that do not have an OBS knob are not compatible with the KLN-94. This version of the KPI-553A was specially designed for the KNR-665 Nav System.

Also, please note that the distance display on the KPI-553A and KPI-553A is not compatible with the KLN-94.
The KLN-94 does not have ARINC 429 capability.
Yes, the KLN-94 will display holding patterns associated with approaches along with procedure turns and is meant to be used for reference purposes.
No. The Bendix/King KLN-94 Color IFR GPS is not a slide-in direct replacement for the KLN-90B IFR GPS. The mounting rack and connector are different. They do use the same KA-92 GPS antenna. The KLN-94 does directly replace the KLN-89B IFR GPS.
Unlike most Bendix/King radios, the lens for the KLN-94 is part of the LCD display module (P/N 043-05012-0001). Therefore, to replace the lens you must replace the entire display module. The lens cannot be purchased separately. The 2009 List Price for the Display Module is $1570.

No. The two cartridges are physically different in dimensions and will not fit into the same slot. Another difference is the number of pins; the KLN-89 cartridge has a 40-pin connector, while the KLN-94 cartridge has a 50-pin connector. Notice the comparison pictures below.

For IFR GPS approach certification, GPS status annunciations are required to be in the pilot's field of view. These annunciations (or lights) indicate active switches such as the NAV/GPS and OBS (if applicable) modes. Other annunciations or alerts might include the following:

TERM - light that will signal pilot when operating within 30 miles of departure or arrival airport (i.e. Terminal area)
APR - light that signals pilot when the GPS is engaged in Approach mode
MSG - light that signals pilot that the GPS has generated a Message alert that should be viewed on the GPS
WPT - light that signals pilot that the GPS has generated a Waypoint alert that should be viewed on the GPS
INTG - light that will signal pilot when the GPS receiver detects a position error or is unable to calculate the Integrity of the position

Some annunciator units and annunciator control units or ACUs have a variety a these switches and annunciators depending on the GPS system to be interfaced with or the aircraft installation. However, there are certain annunciations such as MSG and WPT that are standard for all annunciators required.

While the -0102 version of the KLN-94 is the current production model of the KLN-94, the only difference between it and the -0101 is the addition of a roll steering output in the -0102. The DC roll steering output included in the -0102 is only for use with Bendix/King KAP-140 and KFC-225 autopilots. It is not compatible with any other autopilots. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a KLN-94 and do not have a KAP-140 or KFC-225 autopilot, then you can consider either the -0101 or -0102 version.
A normal Annunciator Control Unit (ACU) includes a control and relay assembly. The control portion includes lighted annunciations (words) as well as a switch assembly to activate a relay. The relay assembly provides the electrical transfer of information between a conventional nav (VOR/ILS/GS) and GPS to one Course Deviation Indicator (CDI).

The ACU units can be complete with control and relay built into one assembly or they can be separated depending on the part number. Some GPS systems and CDIs include internal relays. Therefore, only a control with switch is required. In this case, you would only purchase the Control Head. Some installations use different custom sizes and styles of annunciator switches. Therefore, in this case, only a remote relay is purchased without a control assembly.

In addition to variations in switches, relays, and sizes, ACUs are engineered to be compatible with specific GPS systems by different manufacturers. Variations in power input and bezel orientation are available as well.
The KLN-94 is a direct replacement for the KLN-89B with no wiring or mounting changes needed. The KLN-94 uses a different database as well.

The KLN-94 has internal annunciators. Remote annunciators are only required if the KLN-94 (and its internal annunciators) are not in the pilot's field of view per the Flight Manual. If the existing KLN-89B was Approach certified, then the existing annunciators from that installation can be utilized.

Some setup and configuration is required when the KLN-89B is replaced with the KLN-94. This is all contained in the KLN-94 installation manual. In addition, the installer of the KLN-94 should verify that all other details related to IFR certification were complied with during the installation of the KLN-89B.

Lastly, a KLN-94 flight manual supplement must be created, FAA approved, and inserted in the pilot's operating handbook.
Many avionics systems require a configuration or setup process. This process is required to interface certain avionics systems to other systems in the aircraft that will be inputting or outputting information to and from these systems. Some examples of systems that require a configuration or setup process include:


In addition, most newer technology or solid state systems require configuration via computer interface of some type. A qualified avionics technician should always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's installation manual for complete information and instructions.

In most cases, Honeywell offers two options for GPS database updates: - Card/cartridge replacement - Computer download

Users can order a subscription and have a database card/cartridge delivered to a given address every 28 days. If an update is not required as frequently, users can simply order a database card or cartridge direct from Honeywell Wingman Services. Click Hereto go to the Wingman website.

The GPS database Internet download option is available for most receivers. The update is downloaded to a laptop computer. The laptop is then interfaced to the GPS inside the aircraft via the PC interface kit (P/N 050-03213-0000). Certain GPS receiver software as well as laptop performance requirements must be met in order to properly utilize Internet downloading and the computer interface. Please view the following document for complete instructions on computer updating. GPS_download.pdf

Please Note: The KLN-35A and KLX-135A GPS units can only be updated via computer as they do not have externally accessible databases.

Click here to view a document containing the different database coverage areas.
Yes, the KLN-94 provides outputs capable of driving several remote annunciator lights. Please note that remote mounted annunciators may be required if the KLN-94 is not in the pilot's normal scan. There are many different options and configuration available should remote annunciators be desired or required.
The far right side of the KLN-94 display has annunciations related to the operation of the KLN-94 GPS navigation. These annunciations include WPT (waypoint alert), SCAN, "M" (message), ENT (enter), VTF (vectors-to-final), APR ARM (approach arm), APR ACTV (approach active), TERM (terminal), LEG, and OBS.
Yes, as long as the KLN-94 is located in the pilot's normal scan, external/remote annunciators are not required.
Depending on the serial number unit you have available, certain software updates may be available to provide improvements for the Bendix/King KLN-94 GPS. Warranty credit or payment will be issued for these updates if the unit is still under original new product warranty and the update is completed by a Category 1C Honeywell Service Center. Approved service facilities can submit a completed warranty claim to Honeywell for one hour labor plus parts if the above conditions are met. The new software is loaded using the dataloader cable, software CD-ROM and personal computer according to the maintenance manual. The software update is similar to updating the database via PC. Therefore, whoever is updating the software must have the means to link the GPS to a PC and power up the unit for the update. This is explained in the maintenance manual as mentioned above.