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  • Panel mounted GPS/COMM with moving map graphics and high visibility display
  • Choice of customized Jeppesen databases including coverage for Americas, Atlantic and Pacific areas for airport, runway, VOR/NDB and other Jeppesen NAV information (NOTE: database does not contain intersections)
  • Tracks up to eight satellites simultaneously
  • Moving map graphics show nearby airports, navaids, and special-use airspace (SUA)
  • 'Direct-To' operation simplifies cross-country flying
  • Able to store up to 10 flight plans and 250 user-defined waypoints
  • Calculator pages compute distance, bearing, time and fuel, along with pressure/density altitude, true airspeed (TAS), and winds aloft
  • CDI output to couple GPS to aircraft's autopilot
  • Built-in OBS mode for flying specific radials/bearings to or from a waypoint
  • Turn Anticipation feature for smoother course transitions
  • TSO'd, 760-channel VHF communications transceiver
  • "QuickTune" frequency selection enables pilot to enter COMM frequencies directly from GPS database
  • Flip=flop frequency switching for fast, easy exchanges between active and standby COMM channels
  • 5-watt minimum transmitter output
  • Built-in audio amplifier with sidetone and audio leveling eliminates need for seperate audio panel
  • Stuck mic alert notifies pilot and stops broadcasting when transmitter has been continuously activated for more than 35 seconds

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Dimensions: 6.25"W x 2.00"H x 11.38"L Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Power Requirements: 14Vdc (28Vdc with KA-39 voltage converter) Modulation: 70% with 98% limiting
Sidetone Output: 100mW into 500 ohms TSO Compliance: C37d (trasmit); C38d (receive); C128 (stuck mic)
Temperature: -20 to 55C Altitude: up to 35000 ft
Part Number: Description:
070-01029-0010 14V with Atlantic Intl. Database
070-01029-0011 14V with Pacific Intl. Database
070-01029-0012 14V with Americas Database


- VFR GPS/Comm Atlantic
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- VFR GPS/Comm Pacific
Price Condition Status

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Click here to view a document containing the different database coverage areas.

In most cases, Honeywell offers two options for GPS database updates: - Card/cartridge replacement - Computer download

Users can order a subscription and have a database card/cartridge delivered to a given address every 28 days. If an update is not required as frequently, users can simply order a database card or cartridge direct from Honeywell Wingman Services. Click Hereto go to the Wingman website.

The GPS database Internet download option is available for most receivers. The update is downloaded to a laptop computer. The laptop is then interfaced to the GPS inside the aircraft via the PC interface kit (P/N 050-03213-0000). Certain GPS receiver software as well as laptop performance requirements must be met in order to properly utilize Internet downloading and the computer interface. Please view the following document for complete instructions on computer updating. GPS_download.pdf

Please Note: The KLN-35A and KLX-135A GPS units can only be updated via computer as they do not have externally accessible databases.