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Part #: 066-1062-01

Model: KT-78A





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  • 4096 code, Mode A/C, Class 1A, panel-mounted ATC transponder
  • Altitude reporting capability
  • System test feature
  • All encoder and decoder functions built into single, plug-in Large Scale Integration chip
  • IDENT button may be remotely mounted
  • 14 volt, but can be 28V with optional conversion kit
  • 113 watts peak minimum transmitter power instead of 200 watts for KT-76A
  • Operates up to 15,000 feet instead of 35,000 feet for KT-76A
  • Same as KT-76A except DOES include above two features
  • TSO'd


Size: 6.25"W x 1.63"H x 10.0"L Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Applicable Documents: TSO C74b, RTCA DO-138, DAPBBBXXXXXX Class II Temperature Range: -15 to +55C for continuous operation
Transmitter Frequency: 1090 MHz +-3 MHz Receiver Frequency: 1030 MHz (crystal controlled local oscillator
Receiver Sensitivity: -74dBm (nominal); -72dBm (min. for 90% reply) Mode A Capability: 4096 identity codes plus Special Identification Pulse
Mode C Capability: Accepts standard ICAO Altitude Transmission Code digitizer output, reporting in 100 ft. increments from -1000 ft. up to 63,000 feet Side Lobe Suppression: 3 pulse
Part Number: Description:
066-1062-01 Transponder


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The KT-78A is simply a low power version of the popular KT-76A transponder. The KT-78A peak power is 113 watts minimum while 200 watts for the KT-76A. The KT-78A was originally designed for low flying aircraft that operated in very local areas such as crop dusting (agriculture) applications. Both the KT-76A and KT-78A are 14 volt radios that utilize the same mounting rack and connector. Therefore, the higher power KT-76A is an ideal direct replacement for the KT-78A considering that the KT-78A has not been manufactured for many years and is therefore scarce on the used market.