Part #: 522-2572-002

Model: 37R-2U




Collins Aerospace


UHF/VHF Comm Antenna

Part Number :

  • VHF/UHF Airborne Communications Antenna for 116 - 152 MHz (VHF) and 225 - 400 MHz (UHF) frequency ranges
  • Designed to be mounted on top or bottom of aircraft
  • No Longer in Production
  • Equivalent to the Sensor Systems S65-8282-34 (1 connector), S65-111-309 (2 connectors)  & RA Miller AT-1108/ARC VHF/UHF Antennas
  • For New Replacement, suggested alternative is RA Miller AT-1108/ARC



Frequency Range: 116 to 152 MHz (VHF); 225 to 400 MHZ (UHF) Compliance: FAA TSO-C37, C38b
Input Impedance: 50 ohms Duty Cycle: Continuous, unattended
VSWR: Less than 2:1 across specified freq. range Weight: 3.25 lb.
Construction: Printed circuit, radiating elements, lockfoam filled Size: 66.71 x 95.25 x 292.10 mm
Temperature: -62 to 71C Altitude: 35000 ft.
Input Power Limit: 35 watts continuous on either band Isolation: Not less than 20 dB
Connectors: BNC jack for VHF, TNC jack for UHF Emission: Vertically polarized
Part Number: Description:
522-2572-002 UHF/VHF Comm Antenna 


- UHF/VHF Comm Antenna

NSN: 5985-00-892-0895

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Yes. The AT-1108/ARC will directly replace the original Collins 37R-2U. Although there is no official documentation stating their interchangeability, one can view the functional and physical specifications for each and determine that they are exactly equivalent. Both have separate coax connectors for VHF and UHF connection. Both have the same hole patterns or footprints.

Most importantly, a New condition RA Miller AT-1108/ARC is available at a fraction of the price that the Collins 37R-2U is available on the used market. It should be noted that some of the used 37R-2U available on the market could be over 30 years old.