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Part #:

Model: GNC-255A




VHF Nav/Com, 8.33kHz, 10W

Part Number :



  • Nav/Comm with VOR/localizer and glideslope receiver
  • 10W transmitter output (16W version available, see GNC-255B)
  • 25 kHz frequency channel spacing and 8.33 kHz channel spacing to meet the impeding Single European Sky mandate (European operaters by 2018)
  • Built-in VOR/Localizer converter
  • Database lookup of frequencies using navaid ID
  • VOR receiver displays to/from and radial
  • Digitally decoded OBS setting
  • Sunlight readable full alphanumeric display
  • Automatic display of station ID by decoding Morse code
  • Interfaces with most CDI (w/resolver), HSI, and autopilot systems
  • Flight Service Stations, ATC facilities, WX stations, etc.
  • Active and standby flip-flop frequencies
  • One-touch 121.5 emergency channel tuning
  • Comm frequency monitor function (listens to standby while monitoring the active)
  • Recall of frequency from database by facility name and type
  • Database reverse lookup of frequencies providing station ID andfrequency use (TWR, ATIS, etc.)
  • Volume control bar graph display
  • Alphanumeric display of frequency types (ATIS, GRND, TWR, etc.)
  • High-visibility alphanumeric LCD display
  • Transmit status indicator
  • Backlit keypad controls
  • Automatic and manual, pilot-selectable display intensity control
  • Built-in, two-place voice activated intercom
  • Frequency memory and recall
  • Stores/recalls 15 user defined frequencies
  • Stores/recalls previous 20 frequencies used
  • Squelch test function
  • Stuck mic time-out
  • 12W audio amplifier
  • Versions available: GTR-225 / GTR-225B
  • Nav/Comm versions available: GNC-255A / GNC-255B 
Dimensions: 1.65" H x 6.25" W x 10.4" D (11.23" D behind panel, including mounting rack and connectors) Weight: 3.02 lbs unit only; 3.46 lbs with mounting rack
Altitude: 55,000 ft Temperature Range: -20C to +55C
Input Voltage range: 9 to 33 VDC Transmit power: 10 W
Certifications: TSO C169a (transmitting and receiving), TSO C128a (stuck mic)    
Part Number VHF NAV/COm Description:
Please Note: Garmin "010" P/N's are Catalog ONLY
010-01025-50 Standard Kit, Helicopter Installation Only
010-02486-50 Standard Kit, Fixed Wing Installation Only
011-02806-00 Unit Only P/N, Helicopter Installation Only
011-02806-40 Unit Only P/N, Fixed Wing Installation Only


- Nav/Comm (Fixed Wing Installation)
Price Condition Status
- VHF Nav/Com, (8.33kHz, 10W)
Price Condition Status
- Nav/Comm (Helicopter Installation Only)
Price Condition Status

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The GNC-255A/B uses a standard USB memory device to load the frequency database. The memory device is not provided by Garmin. The Frequency database is stored internally and the USB memory device is only used to transfer the database into the unit.

The GNC-255A/B contains a large database of Com frequencies that may be recalled by identifier.

The GNC-255's Com radio operates in the aviation voice band, from 118.000 to 136.975 MHz, in 25 kHz steps (default). For European operations, a Com radio configuration of 8.33 kHz steps is also available. The GNC-255 VHF Nav receiver operates from 108 MHz to 117.95 MHz decoding both the VHF Omni Range and Localizer navigation signals. The built-in Glideslope receiver will automatically tune the corresponding glideslope paired frequencies (328 MHz to 335 MHz) when the localizer is tuned. The GNC 255 is available in 10 and 16 watt com transmitter versions. The GNC 255A is available with a 10 watt com transmitter. The GNC 255B is available with a 16 watt com transmitter.

The current Standby frequency may be saved into the Com or Nav User Frequency database from the Com or Nav display. The Com and Nav User Frequency database can hold up to 15 frequencies each.

When the GNC-255A/B has received data from an external device, such as a GPS receiver or DME sensor through the serial port, speed, time, and distance data will be available. If you are not connected to an external sensor, you will not see this display.

The Garmin GNC-255A and GNC-255B radios are compatible with a variety of indicators including the Garmin GI-102A and GI106A as well as the King KI-202, KI-203, KI-204, KI-206, KI-208, KI-208A, KI-209, KI-209A.
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