Part #: 010-00247-02

Model: GTX-320A System

Garmin - Transponder
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GTX 320A
  • 200 watt power output
  • 100% solid state transmitter
  • 14 or 28 volt operatio without need for external voltage converters or dropping resistors
  • Optional adapters available for upgrading into existing installations of selected Narco, King, and ARC transponders
  • Two year warranty
  • TSO C74c Class 1A certified to 50000 ft.
TSO Compliance: C74c Class 1A Temperature Range: -20C to +55C
Weight: 2.1 lbs Power Requirements: 11.0 to 33.0 VDC; Max power input: 12 watts
Altitude: 50,000 feet Humidity: 95% @ +55C for 16 hours; 85% @ +38C for 32 hours
Transmitter Frequency: 1090 MHz Transmitter Power: 200 watts nominal
Receiver Sensitivity: -74 dm nominal for 90% replies Mode A Capability: 4096 ident codes
Mode C Capability: 100 foot increments from -1000 to 63,000 feet    
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010-00247-01 With details above


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The GTX-320 and GTX-320A are identical in relation to fit and function. Both are Mode C transponders and are operated identically. For manufacturing efficiency reasons, Garmin discontinued the GTX-320, changed the board design, and released the GTX-320A in its place.