Part #: KCS-55A System 2

Model: KCS55A

Honeywell - Compass System
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KCS-55A System 2
- Compass System
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Yes. The KA-51B slaving accessory used in the KCS-55A compass system may be located remotely. An optional compensator kit is available for installations where the installer wants to use a different switch/meter arrangement. The compensator kit includes a compensator assembly which is basically the back half of the KA-51B. The kit also includes a mating connector and a special remote mounting plate for the compensator assembly. Mounting the compensator remotely allows the installer to easily adjust the E/W & N/S compensation without removing the KA-51B from the panel.
No. The KCS-55A does not require any adapters for interface to S-Tec autopilots systems.
No. All KCS-55A systems are slaved systems with incorporation of the KMT-112 flux detector.
For the most part, the system wiring and connections are the same. The only wiring change needed pertains to the HSI unit. The KI-525 contained a Power flag instead of the standard Heading (HDG) flag as with the KI-525A. Therefore, pin P must be added to the existing KI-525 harness for the HDG flag in the KI-525A.

If the HSI is being upgraded to the -07 version of the KI-525A, then there is another pin that must be jumpered. Please see the KI-525A FAQ for more information on this matter.

The original KCS-55 system contained the KA-51A slaving accessory. This still can be utilized in the KCS-55A however it is recommended to upgrade to the KA-51B due to the age and lack of availability of service parts for the KA-51A. If the KA-51B is added, then a connector change would be required.

The Century NSD-360A is vacuum driven while the KCS-55A is electrically driven.

The KA-51A is the slaving control that was originally part of the KCS-55A compass system. It has since been replaced by the KA-51B, mainly due to durability problems with the faceplate mounting holes. Since introduction of the KA-51B, Bendix/King has ceased production of replacement parts for the KA-51A, thus making it virtually unrepairable.

Please note that the KA-51B is not a direct replacement for the KA-51A, but is an easily performed upgrade that only requires replacement of the connectors.

The KG-102A can supply 400 Hz power and eliminate the need for an additional inverter. Pins little p and t on the KG-102A provide the output. Please note that the KG-102A has a 5 VA maximum of 26VAC 400Hz power available. If more than 5VA is required, then an external inverter would be necessary.
To upgrade from the KCS-55 to the KCS-55A, the KI-525 and KG-102 must be changed to the KI-525A and KG-102A. The mating connectors and racks are the same. However, some pins in the KI harness must be changed to accommodate the KI-525A.

Southeast Aerospace highly recommends upgrading to the KCS-55A. The old KI-525 and KG-102 are not supportable or serviceable. Investing in the more modern KCS-55A system will provide you with a compass system that includes warranty and support for years to come.