Picture of product EDM-800

Part #: EGT-701-6C-O-A-T-F-R/M

Model: EDM-800


J.P. Instruments


Engine Monitoring System

Part Number :

  • Digital and Analog EGT/CHT Scanner with Horsepower Percentage display
  • Available for 4 or 6 cylinder aircraft engines (i.e. EDM-800-4C, EDM-800-6C)
  • Similiar to EDM-700 but includes Fuel Flow as standard function
  • Primary replacement instrument for CHT and Oil Temperature
  • Percentage of Horse Power
  • Turbine Inlet Temperature
  • Complete fuel flow system with transducer
  • LeanFind mode - automatically identifies first and last cylinder to peak
  • PeakFind automatically captures the EGT peak value
  • High Speed EGT/CHT probes
  • RPM with sensor
  • Manifold pressure sensor
  • Outside Air Temp (OAT)
  • All functions checked four times a second for real alarm conditions
  • 39 Programmable alarms
  • Long term memory adjustable from 25 to 550 hours
  • Data Memory records all 29 functions every 6 seconds for up to 25 hours or every minute for 550 hours; downloadable to computer
  • Overlean function
  • Interfaces to GPS's for display of gallons required to next waypoint or destination
  • TSO'd
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" instrument round x 7.5" deep
  • Optional functions include Oil Temp, 2 Turbine Inlet Temp, CDT, IAT
  • All systems include probes and harnesses with indicators
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- Tempature Indicator
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