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Model: JA97

Jupiter Avionics
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Jupiter Avionics
  • The JA97-xx2 audio controller is a compact, lightweight unit that incorporates the latest technology, and is compatible with the current industry standard interconnect
  • The unit will support 7 users: pilot, co-pilot and up to 5 passengers
  • By using a Windows® based application (ProCS™), configuration settings may be changed via a 3.5mm jack on the front panel
  • Field replaceable illuminated legends (either standard white or NVG compatible) mean that the dealer only needs to stock one version of the controller for many different mission configurations
  • IndividualReceive audio volume controls
  • Up to 7 users
  • Field configurable settings
  • Field replaceable legends
  • Standard white or NVG compatible lighting
  • Stuck microphone time-out
  • Adjustable output and input levels
  • Balanced ICS, CVR, Rx Comp. & transmit mic. outputs
  • Adjustable CVR output level
  • Configurable audio alert messages
  • Front panel music input
  • 5, 14 and 28 Vdc lighting voltage selection
  • Music muting
  • Built in adapter for Non-Aircraft Radios
  • Duplex mode transmission for cell phone operation
  • Only 5.48 inches [139mm] depth behind panel (not including connectors)
  • Individual mic. gating
  • Tx capability for pilot, co-pilot and
  • 2 passengers
  • Configurable multi-function switch
  • Transmit select annunciators
  • Connector pin compatible with industry standard
  • Selectable emergency radio
  • 6 COM radios
  • 5 Receivers
  • 2 Alerts
  • 8 Volume controls 
  • Legends: Removable | NVG Compatible Option
Transceivers: 6 Comm. transceivers Receiver Input: 5 Receivers + 1 Direct, 2 Music Inputs, 1 ICS Tie
Number of Headsets: 7 users: Pilot, Co-pilot, 5 passengers Electrical : Power 14 to 28 Vdc @ (1.4 to 0.7A) max, Lighting <10mA @ 5, 14, 28 Vdc
Headphone : 100 mW into 600 ohms TSO Compliance: Contact JAC for TSO Status
Installation Kit: INST-JA97 weight: TBD lb. [TBD] Max.
JA97-002: Standard White Lighting JA97-N02 NVG: Compatible Lighting
Part Number Description AUDIO CONTROLLER
JA97-002 Audio Controller with RX Volume Controls
ja97-n02 NVG Audio Controller with RX Volume Controls

- Audio Controller w/ RX Volume Controls
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- Audio Controller w/ RX Volume Controls, NVG
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