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Part #: 9200-15000-0101

Model: ESI-500

L3Harris - Electronic Standby Instrument
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Part Number :
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  • Electronic Standby Instrument System
  • 3.5" viewable
  • High-resolution, 24-bit color display
  • Designed specifically for Part 23 (Class I, II & III) airplanes and Part 27 rotorcraft
  • Mirrors PFD presenting attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip data
  • Options for terrain, SynVis, obstacles, heading and navigation
  • Internal lithium-ion battery offers uninterrupted flight data
  • Low-cost, compact design for piston and turboprop aircraft
  • 3″ round case for easy installation into existing panel cutouts
  • Airspeed awareness band highlights aircraft VNE and VMO cues
  • Magnetic heading is an available option when coupled with the MAG-500 magnetometer
  • Compatible with existing NAV radios and GPS hardware
  • Internal lithium-ion battery pack automatically powers the system without interruption upon loss of main input power
  • Interfaces:
    • (5) ARINC 429 Inputs
    • ARINC 429 Output
    • RS-485 Serial Input (interfaces with MAG-500)
    • Analog Input (OAT)
    • Discrete Output
    • Dimming Bus
    • I2C Interface to the DCM-500
weight: Nominal 2.1 lb - Maximum 2.75 lb power: 14V or 28 VDC electrical systems (10 to 32 VDC)
navigation: VOR/ILS or GPS Navigation or both TSO: C2d, C8e, C10b, C34e, C35d, C36e, C40c, C46a, C106, C113a, C179a, C201
ETSO: EASA accepted in accordance with FAA-EASA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) Rev 5 (paragraph 2.5.1 ‘TSO/ETSO Articles Accepted under Reciprocal Acceptance’). No ETSO marking on the Articles is required.
Part Number Electronic standby Description:
9200-15000-0101 ESI-500 Standby Indicator
Altitude (Feet &Meters), Attitude, VS, Slip/Skid,
Airspeed (w/ Awareness Band) & Aircraft Track

Serial # 2728
Condition NEW
Mods -
Tag Date 11/11/20
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