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Model: FA2100 GACVR

L3Harris - Solid State General Aviation CVR
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  • General Aviation version, Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
  • May be installed as a retrofit of a mechanical tape-based GA-100 CVR (FA2100 GACVR is 28 VDC only)
  • Standard CVR option available -- See FA2100 CVR
  • Combined CVR & FDR option available  -- See FA2100 CVDR
  • General Aviation (GA) version available -- See FA2100 GA
Size: 1/2 ATR Short Dimensions: 5.5"H x 5"W x 12.6"D
Weight: 10 lbs nominal Input: 28 VDC
Power Level: 10.5 watts max power factor: 0.65
output power: 18 VDC, 25 mA, short-circuit protected to Microphone Recording Time: 30 or 120 mins, See PN Chart below
input signal: ARINC 757 Audio input impedance: > 5000 ohms each channel
Audio Inputs: 3 crew microphones (150 - 3500 Hz) 1 cockpit area microphone (150 - 6000 Hz) Audio Input Level: CH 1-3: 0.05 Vrms - 3 Vrms CH 4: 0.05 Vrms - 2 Vrms
GMT Input datA: ARINC 429 Format Rotor Speed Input: 2 Vrms to 122 Vrms from 7 - 6000 Hz per ARINC 757
Rear Connector: 57-pin DPXB Mating Connector: ITT Cannon DPXBMA-57-33S-0001 or equivalent
Temperature: Operating: -55° to +70°C; Non-operating: -55° to +85°C Altitude: -1000 to 55,000 ft
Vibration: DO-160C Para 8.6.2 Category C (random) Penetration: ED-55/56A, 500 lbs/10 ft/¼ inch probe
Static Crush: ED-55/56A, 5000 lbs Fire Protection: TSO-C123a/ED-56A, 50,000 BTU/sq ft/hr for 60 min @ 1100°C; 10 hrs @ 260°C
Impact: ED-56A, 3400 g, 6.5 ms, half-sine shock wave Beacon: Underwater Locator Device mounted on CSMU
Part Number Cockpit Voice Recorder Description:
2100-1010-50 Standard weight crash housing, 30 min, 28VDC (10.0 lbs)
2100-1010-51 Titanium crash housing, 30 min, 28VDC (7.7 lbs)
2100-1020-50 Standard weight crash housing, 120 min, 28VDC (10.0 lbs)
2100-1020-51 Titanium crash housing, 120 min, 28VDC (7.7 lbs)


- Solid State GA CVR (Titanium)
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- Solid State General Aviation CVR (120M)
Price Condition Status
- Solid State GA CVR (Titanium)
Price Condition Status

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The Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) is usually the only part that requires any type of periodic maintenance for most Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) and Flight Data Recorders (FDR). This maintenance includes cleaning and testing the ULB every 2 years and replacing the battery every 6 years. It should be noted that some aircraft maintenance programs may include testing and/or bench testing of CVRs or FDRs as part of the aircraft maintenance program.