Part #: 805-10800-001

Model: TRC497




Skywatch R/T Computer

Part Number :
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  • Part of Skywatch System
  • Verbal Intruder Positioning (VIP) announces range, bearing and relative altitude of intruder aircraft through cockpit’s audio system
  • Active surveillance range out to 11 nm* that operates independently of radar coverage
  • Displays traffic onto almost any electronic cockpit display
  • Tracks up to 30 aircraft simultaneously displaying eight or more of the most threatening*
  • Generates both aural & visual traffic advisories
  • “Look Up/Look Down” altitude display modes highlight specific layers of relative altitude— useful during climbs, descents and takeoff
  • Optional bottom mount antenna installation, useful for helicopter applications
  • Generates both aural & visual traffic advisories
  • Selectable 2 & 6 nautical mile horizontal display ranges
  • +/- 10,000 ft. relative altitude tracking range
  • "Look Up/Look Down" altitude display modes to simplify intruder identification
  • Can toggle between lightning information and traffic information when connected to a Stormscope WX-1000 series processor
  • Automatically shifts to SKYWATCH view from Stormscope view when Traffic Advisories are issued
  • Uses TCAS-like symbology; Traffic Advisory - solid circle, Other Traffic = open diamond, and text

*Depending on display capability

Please visit the Installation Section of our site to see Skywatch HP installations recently completed by Southeast Aerospace Please complete our Install Quote Request Form (Install RFQ) for installation cost of this item in your aircraft

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Temperature Range: -55 to +70C Altitude: 55000 ft. max
Weight: 8.94 lbs. Size: 7.62"H x 3.56"W x 12.52"L
Power Requirements: 11-34VDC, 70w max TSO: C147
range accuracy: +-0.05 nmi Altitude Accuracy: +-200 ft.


Part Number R/T Description:
805-10800-001 See details above
805-10800-003 Alternate TRC installation kit (fixed wing w/ right-angle backshell)
805-10800-005 Alternate TRC installation kit (rotorcraft w/ right-angle backshell)


- Skywatch R/T Computer
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Many avionics systems require a configuration or setup process. This process is required to interface certain avionics systems to other systems in the aircraft that will be inputting or outputting information to and from these systems. Some examples of systems that require a configuration or setup process include:


In addition, most newer technology or solid state systems require configuration via computer interface of some type. A qualified avionics technician should always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's installation manual for complete information and instructions.
No, an STC is not required for TAS (Traffic Awareness) and/or TCAS I installations on Part 91 and Part 135 aircraft. FAA order 8900.1 provides guidance for a follow on field approval by the FAA. An FAA approved Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement is required as well.
Skywatch processors (TRC497 and TRC899) with Software version 1.8 include a Verbal Intruder Positioning (VIP) feature that verbally announces traffic advisories (TA) through the aircraft audio system. In addition to the software update needed for the processor, a panel mounted on/off switch is installed to allow the pilot to turn on and off (mute) the range, relative altitude and relative bearing callout from the aural TAs. The audible "Traffic, Traffic" will always be announced per TSO C-147 ser forth by the FAA.

The Skywatch 497 and Skywatch 899 (HP) are compatible with multiple indicators and displays. The original display interface was the WX-1000 Stormscope display Part Numbers 78-8060-5900-8 and 78-8060-5900-9. A toggle switch was installed between the Stormscope and Skywatch to switch the display between the 2 systems. The Skywatch system can also be interfaced to some weather radar indicators using L3's RGC250/350 series radar graphics computer. The current, most common display option is to interface the Skywatch to modern Multi-Function Displays (MFD) which accept standard traffic information. Some integrated nav/comm systems such as the Garmin GNS430/530 series systems are cabable of displaying traffic information as well.