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Model: TC230

Mid-Continent - Power Converter (10-18V to 28V)
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TC230 Series
  • 230 Watt DC to DC Converter
  • Ideal for general, business and commercial aircraft applications
  • Supplies 230 watts of power from the aircraft's existing 10-18 VDC input to power 28 VDC equipment
  • Compact, fan less design
  • Reduces weight
  • Offers flexible installation
  • Optional remote on/off feature available
  • Protection includes input transient, overload and short circuit, temperature monitoring, and reverse polarity
  • 4x Ø0.15 mounting holes for #6-32 x 1.0" (min)
  • Designed and manufactured in Wichita, Kansas USA
  • Two-year limited warranty
output power: 230 Watts Input voltage: 10-18 VDC
Output voltage: 28 VDC Input current: 18.0 A Nominal
remote on/off: Optional COOLING: None required
efficiency: 90% Nominal Regulation: 1% load, 2% temperature
weight: 0.70 lbs Dimensions: 1.29" H x 3.75" L x 2.75" D (3.5" D with Connector)
Temperature: -67º to +158ºF (-55ºC to +70ºC) altitude: 55,000 ft
Mating Connector: pn 9018654 (TC230 -1) / pn 9018655 (TC230 -2) case: Anodized aluminum, blue
Certification: FAA TSO C71 certified, FTCA DO-160G qualified    
Part Number converter Description:
6430234-1 Basic Version
6430234-2 Includes Remote On/Off Feature


- Power Converter (10-18V to 28V)
Price Condition Status
- 10-18 VDC in, 28 VDC out (8A), 230 watts
Price Condition Status

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Southeast Aerospace recommends the Mid-Continent TC230 step up converter. The TC230 takes in 10-18 VDC and outputs 28 VDC at 230 watts output power. It weighs less than 1 pound and is compact in size.