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Hawker 800 EFIS Panel

Southeast Aerospace is excited to announce a new upgrade that will soon be available for the Hawker 800 series aircraft via STC. SEA has partnered with Universal Avionics to offer the latest EFIS technology – the InSight Integrated Flight Deck. The InSight upgrade will also include optional full datacom capability to meet requirements for FANS 1/A and CPDLC. The Mid-Continent MD 302 SAM (Electronic Standby Instrument) is included as a replacement for the existing standby instruments or older ESI.

The Hawker 800 series aircraft went into production in the early 1980s and went out of production in the 2010s. During that span of time 4 major avionics flight deck variations were incorporated into their builds depending on model number, but there have been little to no significant and reasonable upgrade paths for more modern avionics on these aircraft since. SEA’s new program will provide an upgrade path for three of the four existing flight deck variants. The two new STCs will allow Hawker 800A, 800B, and 800XP aircraft with existing Collins EFIS 85/86, FCS-80 and APS-85 autopilots as well as the Honeywell SPZ-8000 avionics to be upgraded to the new Universal InSight Integrated Flight Deck.

SEA is currently in work on the new STC that will encompass the Hawker 800A, 800B, and 800XP aircraft that have the Collins EFIS 85/86, FCS-80 or APS-85 autopilots. Completion of this STC is expected by Q2, 2022. A second STC is being developed to provide an upgrade path to Universal InSight for the Honeywell SPZ-8000 equipped Hawkers. SEA is currently looking for a Hawker 800 with the SPZ flight deck to be used as the STC certification first of type for this second STC.

“Part of 9 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) in work or already available for installation, this H800 STC from Southeast Aerospace offers an additional proof of the flexibility afforded by the InSight™ Display System”, says Marc Bouliane, Vice President Business Development, Marketing & Services at Universal Avionics. “By upgrading with InSight, the flight crew can now take advantage of an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) with synthetic vision and advanced mapping capabilities, embedded electronic charts, radio control, and more. It increases pilot Situational Awareness, reduces workload by offering a tight integration with Universal’s FMS and UniLink data communication for CPDLC, and enables advanced maintenance capabilities with its unique remote diagnostic capability.”

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