STC # ST04570CH


This new aircraft supplemental type certificate (STC) program aims to bring value to the Hawker 800(A)(B)(XP) series aircraft through a number of great new upgrades in the cockpit. Southeast Aerospace has partnered with Universal Avionics along with other vendors to offer the InSight Integrated Flight Deck along with a full datacom package and a new electronic standby instrument (ESI).

The Collins EFIS 86/85 and Honeywell SPZ 8000 flight decks have been around for many years, resiliently serving these aircraft. However, reliability of these flight decks and associated components has been waning for years and repair costs continue to rise. The number of unsupported components is also rising and it is just a matter of time before most of these flight decks are obsolete. Additionally, interfacing these existing systems with new technology, such as WAAS LPV, is either not an option or is very cumbersome and expensive with lackluster performance.

There have not been many paths to bring new cockpit avionics technology to this model, and none of them with the latest technology. Enter SEA and two new STCs!

Here is an overview of the technology enhancement offered, additionally more details are offered in the sections below.

Baseline Upgrade:
  • Universal Avionics (UASC) InSight 3-Display EFIS Upgrade
    • Includes Integrated FMS and Radio Management
    • Dual Touchscreen Controllers and Physical Keyboards
    • Integrated Radio Tuning and Management
  • New Electronic Standby Instrument
Optional Configuration:
  • Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and FANS 1/A Capability
    • Integrated Push-To-Load Capability Included
    • Support for ATN B1 Included for European Airspace
    • VHF Datalink (VDL) and Iridium Transceiver Included
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) with Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS)
pfd with 360 HSI pfd with 360 HSI pfd with 360 HSI

CONTACT: Luke Gomoll - Aircraft Modifications Sales Representative - 321-255-9877 ext. 242 or Luke.Gomoll@seaerospace.com


SEA is pleased to offer the current-generation Universal InSight Integrated Flight Deck 3-display EFIS upgrade for the Hawker 800 series aircraft. InSight offers the latest in Universal Avionics innovation and technology achievements.

For this upgrade, much of the existing Collins or Honeywell flight decks are removed, making way for more capable hardware. As a result, a new SEA fabricated instrument panel will be installed to accommodate all of the new upgrades. Though complex to build, this new instrument panel will be constructed prior to aircraft arrival to offer the shortest down time possible for the aircraft’s InSight upgrade.

When configured in the Hawker 800 series aircraft, the baseline InSight EFIS system will consist of the following new equipment:
  • 3 ea. EFI-1040 10.4” High-Resolution Display (2 PFDs, 1 MFD)
  • 2 ea. EFIS Control Display Unit (ECDU)
  • 2 ea. Universal UNS 1FW Flight Management System (FMS) NCU
  • 1 ea. Universal Solid State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU)
  • 2 ea. GPS/WAAS Antenna
  • 2 ea. Alphanumeric Keyboard (ANK)
  • 1 ea. Data Concentrator Unit II (DCU)
  • 1 ea. Cursor Control Panel (CCP)
  • 1 ea. Reference Select Panel (RSP)
  • 1 ea. Mid-Continent Instrument MD 302 SAM (ESI)

The existing engine instruments, Collins/Honeywell radio suite, and autopilot system will be retained and interfaced to the newly installed InSight system. All of the retained equipment is still fully supported and will be for many years to come, which helps save on cost for the overall upgrade. Aside from solving the problems of obsolescence and capability limitations, the InSight EFIS brings a large number of new features, capabilities, and enhancements. To begin with, each EFI-1040 PFD will replace up to four old CRT type displays with the ability to display much more information in an eye pleasing format. High-resolution Synthetic Vision System (SVS) is included, which allows for a very detailed 3D map overlay directly on the PFD - land features, including water, terrain and even ice show up. Advanced airport views are also included – runways, taxiways, hold lines and more. Each PFD includes two pilot configurable inset views at the bottom of the display. Configurable display options include alternate SVS view, flight plan info, map, and more.

Other features to be expected on the PFDs are as follows:
  • Autopilot (AP) Flight Director – what you see is what the AP is flying to
  • WAAS LPV capability, AP coupled – Magenta Needles!
  • Airspeed, Altitude Tapes and VSI
  • Airspeed and Alt Select
  • Enroute VNAV
  • HSI w/ Heading Select
  • Swap AHRS and ADC 1/2
  • Waypoint Information
  • Aircraft Attitude with Pitch and Roll Pointers
  • Autopilot Mode Annunciations
Map Full Format with SVS and Airport Selection

The center InSight display will be configured as an MFD. The MFD can be easily configured to display numerous types of information through the simple use of the Cursor Control Panel (CCP). The CCP provides a point and click cursor on the display for quick changes on the fly. Configurable MFD display options include a rich map view with numerous map feature overlay options, electronic charts display, traffic, 3D view using SVS with aircraft model out front, flight plan waypoints, and more! Utilizing the existing weather radar system, this new MFD will fully interface and provide a better-than-ever view about the storms ahead. Primary control for the new Universal InSight EFIS is handled through dual EFIS Control Display Units (ECDU), dual Alphanumeric Keyboards (ANK), and dual Cursor Control Panels (CCP). These components allow for the easy configuration of display views, flight plan creation and editing, radio tuning control, navigation source selection, sensor source selection, fuel flow information, and much more. The ECDUs, ANKs, and CCPs will be installed in the same location as the removed FMS display units.

The Universal Reference Select Panel (RSP) will be mounted in the location of the removed Collins/Honeywell Display Select Panels on the eyebrow panel. The RSP provides a quick and easy way to make adjustments to the airspeed, altitude, and heading bugs, plus more on the PFDs. A new custom panel will be made for the eyebrow panel to assist in the overall clean look of the finished product.

ECDU Keyboard Cursor Control Panel

Addressing another growing issue of support and maintenance costs for existing first generation electronic standby instruments and aging mechanical standbys, SEA is pleased to offer the Mid-Continent Instruments MD 302 SAM ESI. The MD 302 SAM offers a built-in and compliant source of back up ADI, Airspeed, and Altitude, including internal battery backup in the case of loss of aircraft electrical power. The MD 302 SAM saves space, weight and adds reliability over electromechanical instruments and early generation electronic standbys.


CONTACT: Luke Gomoll - Aircraft Modifications Sales Representative - 321-255-9877 ext. 242 or Luke.Gomoll@seaerospace.com


This section discusses the optional datalink system, which will be interfaced with the Universal InSight EFIS and FMS. The Universal datalink solution when integrated with the InSight EFIS will bring new capabilities for navigation and communication. This solution will satisfy multiple international mandates and requirements, as well as bring higher efficiency in travel, saving time and fuel. You may have heard of the term, “Best Equipped, Best Served.”

The following new equipment will be installed to support the optional datacom upgrade:
  • 1 ea. Universal UL-801 Communications Management Unit (CMU) with Built-in VHF Data Radio (VDR)
  • 1 ea. VHF Com Antenna
  • 1 ea. Universal Kapture CVR Digital Cockpit Voice Recorder with RIPS
  • 1 ea. Latitude Technologies DL-150 Iridium Datalink
  • 1 ea. Dual Element WAAS/GPS & Iridium Antenna

This datalink system will meet the requirements for Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A, Controller-Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) Departure Clearance (DCL), and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Baseline 1 (ATN B1) standards.

The center of the Universal datalink solution is the remote mounted Universal UL-801 Communication Management Unit (CMU). The UL-801 integrates with the InSight ECDUs for control of data input, status, and receipt and transmission of datalink messages. When over land, and with available ground stations, the UL-801’s built in VHF Data Radio will be the datalink’s primary source of communication. When over water and remote areas, the UL-801 will be able to switch to the Iridium based satellite network through the Latitude Technologies DL-150 Iridium datalink transceiver.


CVR with RIPS Upgrade Option

To meet requirements for digital message storage, similar to the requirements for cockpit voice recording, a new CVR must be included with the datacom option. SEA will install the Universal Kapture CVR with Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) to replace the existing CVR. This dual-purpose unit is lightweight, low maintenance, and is the latest generation in CVR technology. The new CVR will also meet the current and some future requirements for CVRs as specified by the FAA, EASA, Mexico DGAC, and other international aviation agencies.

CONTACT: Luke Gomoll - Aircraft Modifications Sales Representative - 321-255-9877 ext. 242 or Luke.Gomoll@seaerospace.com


SEA is pleased to offer a new cockpit audio system for the Hawker 800 aircraft. The PS Engineering PAC 45L is a new audio system designed with business aviation in mind. Features, capabilities, and improvements on the existing audio system are numerous.

The PAC 45L Audio system consists of the PAC 45L Hub which is the single place where all analog audio is interfaced and distributed. 2 CTL 45L Control panels are installed in place of the removed Baker M1045 (or other) audio panels. Numerous audio adapter, summing, and amplifying boxes can be removed from the aircraft as the PAC 45L brings most of this capability internal to itself.

PAC-45L picture

The PAC 45L includes stereo headset support and Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls with PS Engineering Softmute technology. The Softmute feature allows options for when a call or music will mute. Also included is 3 D audio distribution, or “Head Related Transfer Function” (HTRF). This is a customizable feature places selected audio sources 3 dimensionally around your head. A feature that can be especially useful in high com traffic areas.

The PAC 45L features terriffic expandability cababilites. Future additions such as another control panel for an observer or VIP is relativley painless due to the modular design. Adding more communications transcievers can be done with ease as well since the PAC 45L can handle up to 4 transcievers.

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