Manufacturing and Production Services

 In-House Kitting

Southeast Aerospace has dedicated facilities and staff to perform a wide range of kitting. From simple kitting of electrical piece parts and hardware to complex projects like branched wire harnesses manufactured by our IPC620 trained technicians or a new aircraft instrument panel cut on our water jet station. We have the capability to generate the fabrication data required to build or can build to print. All manufacturing is performed and inspected to our AS9100C certified quality management system.

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In-house Kitting
  • Dedicated Install-Kit Fabrication Department

  • FAA-PMA Kit Manufacturing

  • A & B Kit Manufacturing

  • Laser Wire Marking

  • Electrical Installation Subkits

  • Mechanical Installation Subkits

  • Full Parts Traceability

 SEA PMA'd G5000 Harness

SEA PMA'd G5000 Harness

SEA's in-house kitting department manufactures the complex, FAA PMA'd harnesses required for Garmin G5000 installations.

Harnesses for the G5000 are an intricate component of the installation for Citation 560XL/XLS and Beechjet 400A aircraft. For some avionic shops, creating their own harness could take up to 450 man hours, adding significant time and cost to the overall installation.

Due to the complexity of the harness, every harness is tested using automated harness test equipment. Each wire is laser marked and connectors are tagged to facilitate straightforward installation.

G5000 harness kits are now available for purchase:


SEA has invested in the latest computer controlled machines, software and technician training to perform structural fabrication to the highest standards and tolerances. Our in-house capabilities allow us to take a part from raw material to a machined, primed, painted and finished assembly. Some examples of parts we manufacture include instrument panels, countermeasures dispenser mounts, equipment shelves, antenna doublers, circuit breaker panel overlays and dzus mounted control panels.

avionics kit
  • Laser Engraving

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Water-Jet Cutting

  • Bending

  • Punching

  • Milling