Garmin GI275 STC
STC Pending Q2 2022



  • Replace the existing unreliable TCAS II IVA-81A/D IVSI with the Garmin GI 275 IVSI.
  • STC being developed to provide easy replacement in the field of single or dual IVSIs
  • Long term cost savings, weight reduction, and increased reliability can be expected with this upgrade
  • The existing TCAS II processor is retained for this upgrade
  • The upgrade should only take 1 to 2 days to complete in the field
  • PMA adapter mounting and harness kits will also be available to make the installation as easy as possible
  • Possible new feature upgrades to the GI 275 IVSI in the future, stay tuned


  • Replace existing obsolete ESI or electromechanical standby instruments with current generation Garmin GI 275 ESI
  • Set up as ADI to include airspeed and altimeter, optional heading display and more!
  • Synthetic Vision display available as an option
  • Navigation course and vertical deviation needles display included if desired
  • Built-in emergency battery, ditch the standby instruments emergency power supply
  • Optional installation of dedicated GPS antenna or existing GPS antenna splitter (for SVS functionality)
  • Optional magnetic heading when the GMU 44B is installed

GI275 Panel

CONTACT: Luke Gomoll - Aircraft Modifications Sales Representative - 321-255-9877 ext. 242 or