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Southeast Aerospace Offers Garmin GI 275 As Cost-effective Part-25 ESI Replacement

Garmin GI 275 ESI

Southeast Aerospace is pleased to announce receipt of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) number ST01985WI for the installation of the Garmin GI 275 3.125-inch round display Electronic Flight Instrument in Part 25 aircraft on an Approved Model List as an Electronic Standby Instrument (ESI).

SEA joined Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) and Peregrine to develop an easy-to-install solution that allows for cost-effective replacements of mechanical and electronic standby instruments in Part 25 aircraft. Utilizing the ESI version of the Garmin GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the GI 275 ESI AML STC offers a simple, all-in-one option to replace pre-existing, obsolete, higher-cost ESI and mechanical standby instruments.

Lightweight and compact, the GI 275 is intentionally designed to take advantage of the common 3.125-inch flight instrument size, reducing installation time and preserving the existing aircraft panel. SEA has designed, manufactured, and PMA'd a 3-ATI to 3.125-inch adapter plate to simplify the installation further. The adapter plate is available for purchase with the STC.

The STC allows the Garmin dealer to install the GI 275 ESI on any aircraft on the AML. The STC also allows for the optional interface of GPS Data, Magnetic Heading, and VHF Navigation information from many common sources approved for interface with the GI 275. To help increase situational awareness, the GI 275 can be equipped with optional Garmin synthetic vision technology (SVT™).

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Southeast Aerospace to create this STC which includes the remarkable Garmin GI 275 as an ESI replacement in a variety of Part 25 aircraft," said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing. "The GI 275 redefines the capabilities of a standby flight display and will offer operators a modern and cost-effective replacement solution to avoid the high repair costs and ongoing obsolescence associated with legacy standby systems on these aircraft."

Luke Gomoll, SEA Aircraft Modifications Sales Representative, stated, "The Garmin GI 275 ESI elevates the cockpit. Display clarity, brightness, data presentation, and data accuracy are all leveled up massively with the GI 275 compared to legacy electronic standby instruments. Obsolescence of older ESIs is really a secondary reason to upgrade to the GI 275, and we think that the GI 275 ESI has enough merit on its own to justify upgrades of non-obsolete equipment as well."

TJ Spitzmiller, VP of Business Development with Peregrine, noted "Our relationship with Southeast Aerospace continues to bring additional avionics capability to meet market demand. The versatility of Garmin's products such as the GI 275 is yet another exciting addition to their lineup."

Southeast Aerospace's Part 25 AML ESI STC is available for an expansive list of business aviation aircraft, including Hawker 800/1000 Series, Citation 550, 560, 560XL, 650, Falcon 50, Gulfstream G200, GIV, GV, Challenger 300, and Lear 60. For more information, please visit or contact Aircraft Modification Representative, Luke Gomoll at

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