Part #: 064-01071-0201

Model: KCU-1051

BendixKing - HF ALE Controller
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- HF ALE Controller
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ALE is an HF radio management system that selects the optimum frequency of transmission, places automatic or manual calls to link one or more users, and communicates digital messages. The ALE specification and waveform were adopted as standards by the US government in September, 1988 as MIL-STD 188-141A for the military and as Federal Standard 1045 for civilian government agencies. ALE technology has changed HF communications by allowing systematic and automatic real-time evaluation of HF communications paths, permitting automatic frequency selection. Because of this, the operation of an HF radio with Automatic Link Establishment is greatly simplified and the communications reliability is increased.

With ALE, the radio constantly scans the available channels for an ALE transmission. ALE transmissions are digitized HF signals. When an ALE transmission is detected, the signal-to-noise ratio of that signal is retained in memory. The next time a call is made, the radio uses that signal-to-noise ratio to determine the best channel to use. This way the best channel is always the one used, allowing you to have the best possible communications link all the time, in spite of the constantly changing thickness, density, and reflectivity of the ionosphere. Every frequency reacts a little differently to random changes in the ionosphere. ALE eliminates the need to manually detect and compensate for random changes in the ionosphere and of searching for a good channel to use.