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Part #: 062-00142-0200

Model: KFM-985

BendixKing - VHF/UHF FM Airborne Comm Transceiver
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  • Panel mounted, integrated radio providing separate VHF and UHF units into one unit
  • Dual-transceiver that can be configured in combinations covering 148-174 MHz, 403-457 MHz or 450-512 MHz bands
  • Compatible with aircraft audio systems and headsets
  • Self-contained in a three inch high, standard Dzus-width unit
  • LCD Display
  • 14 VDC voltage; KA-39 needed to install in 28V aircraft
Size: 5.75"W x 3.0"H x 5.32"L Weight: 1.97 lbs.
Part Number VHF/UHF FM Comm Transceiver Description
062-00142-0100 14VDC, VHF/UHF, 30/30 kHz spacing, 148-174 MHz
062-00142-0200 14VDC, VHF/UHF, 30/25 kHz spacing, 148-174 MHz & 450-512 MHz
062-00142-0300 14VDC, VHF/UHF, 25/30 kHz spacing, 450-512 MHz & 148-174 MHz
062-00142-0400 14VDC, VHF/UHF, 25 kHz spacing, 450-512 MHz
062-00142-0500 14VDC, UHF/D-UHF, 25/25 kHz spacing, 450-512 MHz & 407-457 MHz
062-00142-0600 14VDC, D-UHF/UHF, 25/25 kHz spacing, 407-457 MHz & 450-512 MHz
062-00142-0700 14VDC, D-UHF/D-UHF, 25 kHz spacing, 407-457 MHz
062-00142-0800 14VDC, VHF/D-UHF, 30/25 kHz spacing, 148-174 MHz & 407-457 MHz
062-00142-0900 14VDC, D-UHF/VHF, 25/30 kHz spacing, 407-457 MHz & 148-174 MHz


- VHF/UHF FM Airborne Comm Transceiver
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Many operators of the KFM-985 only utilized the 138-174 MHz frequency ranges. Therefore, if only these frequencies are desired, then Southeast Aerospace recommends the TFM-138B from Technisonic. If the dual bands of 138-174 and 403-512 MHz are desired, then Southeast Aerospace recommends the TFM-500 from Technisonic.