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Part #: 066-1063-00

Model: KN-75




Glideslope Receiver

Part Number :




  • Remote mounted, 40-channel, solid-state glideslope receiver with "universal" channeling capability
  • Can be used with 2x5, BCD, 11 or 12 wire codes, and KX-170/175 serial codes
  • Designed to work in conjunction with external indicators such as the KI-204/206/209 and KI-525A HSI as well as other indicators which have ARINC characterisitics
  • Capable of driving eight 1000 ohm loads and nine 1000 ohm alarm flag loads
  • External controls available are glideslope zero and course width on front of unit
  • 14 V or 28 V operation
  • TSO'd



Size: 1.1"W x 4.0"H x 10.67"L Weight: 1.5 lbs.
TSO Categories: C34c Operation Performance Category II; Class D; DO-138 Env. Cat. BA/JN/AZAXXXXXX Number of channels: 40 (150KHz spacing)
Centering Accuracy: Less than +10ua under all service conditions Frequency Range: 329.15MHz to 335.00MHz
Temperature Range: -46C to +55C for continuous operation Mounting: Rigid, any position
Input Impedance: 50 ohms Sensitivity: 20uv or less for 60% of standard deflection
Altitude: To 30,000 feet Design: Solid state remote mounted unit. Capable of operating with standard ARINC meter loads
Duty Cycle: Continuous Loads: Capable of operating eight 1000 ohm deviation loads and nine 1000 ohm alarm flag loads
Part Number: Description:
066-1063-00 14/28 volt, Glideslope Receiver


- Glideslope Receiver
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None, they represent the same unit. Original King Radio part numbers were 9 digits. For example, 066-3056-01. During the Bendix and King merger (i.e. Bendix/King), a new part numbering system was created that converted these 9 digit part numbers to 12 digits. Therefore, 066-3056-01 became 066-03056-0001. Despite this numbering change, units that were originally from the King Radio design still have the 9 digit part number format on the unit dataplate. The 12 digit format for King units appears to be used for catalog and internal Honeywell purposes only. Therefore, any unit that has a zero in its third to last number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-X0XX) has a 9 digit part number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-XXX) on its dataplate / ID Plate.
In January 1989 Bendix/King changed from a nine digit to a twelve digit part numbering system. The new, larger 12 digit numbers allowed for the inclusion of software version into the last two digits of the part number for certain units in which software changed frequently such as EFIS and TCAS processors. Therefore, the two digits immediately preceding the software version indicate the hardware version of the unit.

Different software versions imply different operational features and/or interface capabilities and software modifications imply software repairs (bug fixes) to insure proper operation of these features and interfaces. Software version upgrades frequently require hardware modifications to the unit. Such hardware modifications accompanying software version upgrades do not necessarily change the hardware version of the unit.

No, however Southeast Aerospace suggests replacing the KI-214 with a separate VOR/LOC/GS indicator and glideslope receiver such as the KI-209 and KN-75.

The KI-214 is no longer supported by Bendix/King (Honeywell) and most service parts needed to repair the KI-214 are not available. As always, it is the installer's responsibility to verify compatibility of the KN-75 GS receiver with the Nav radios installed in the aircraft.