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Model: RS-861A




Radar Sensor

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  • Radar Sensor used in 2-piece RDS-86 color radar system
  • P/N 071-1319-00 and 3614475-8601 used with IN-862A P/N 066-3086-00 & -01
  • P/N 071-1319-30 and 3614475-8631 used with IN-862A P/N 066-3086-10,-11,-30,-31
  • King P/N 071-1319-00 superceded Bendix P/N 3614475-8601 when Bendix/King merger took place
  • 1.3 kw peak power
  • Provides radar stabilization for combined pitch, roll and manual tilt angles of up to +-30 degrees
  • Requires 28 VDC operating voltage (at 3.5 amps continuous)
  • Vertical Profile (VP) version available scans storm cells vertically giving ability to study shape of as well as leading edge of storm
  • Version available with EFIS interface capabilities allowing Bendix/King EFIS-10 indicators to be used as radar display (note: compatible EFIS control panel must be utilized with this configuration)
  • TSO compliance
  • Hard mounted
  • Used in conjunction with phased array antennas available in 10, 12, or 18 inch sizes (i.e. AA-5510B, AA-5512B, AA-5518B)
  • Originally produced by Bendix; thus units may have King (i.e. 071-1319-XX) and/or Bendix (i.e. 3614477-86XX) part numbers (see table below)
  • Able to be interfaced to KMD-850 MFD (-00 and -30 units only)



TSO Compliance: TSO C63c Class 7, DO-173, DO-160A Env Cat F2A/JLY/XXXXXXB/BE/ABA IF Bandwidths: 2.0 MHz and 550 kHz
Gain: 135 dB minimum AGC: 20 dB min range
STC: Microprocessor programmed for each range Input Power: 28VDC at 3.5 amps continuous
Dimensions: Base 10.28" Temperature Range: -55 to +70 deg. C
Altitude: 55000 Weight: 12.1 lbs. (w/o array)
Frequency: 9345 +- 25 MHz (x-band) Power: 1.3 kw peak power
Noise Factor: 8.0 dB max Antenna Scan Angle: 120 degrees
Antenna Tilt Angle: +-15 degrees VSWR: 1.4 to 1 minimum
Gyro Excitation: 10, 26, or 115VAC 400 Hz Stabilization Inputs: 30 to 220mV/degree at 400Hz
Part Number: Description:
071-1319-00 Standard version, see details above
3614475-8601 Bendix Alternate # of 071-1319-00
071-1319-10 Vertical profile version
3614475-8610 Bendix Alternate # of 071-1319-10
071-1319-20 C20 Military Program version, no other info available
3614475-8620 Bendix Alternate # of 071-1319-20
071-1319-30 Vertical profile/EFIS compatible version
3614475-8630 Bendix Alternate # of 071-1319-30


- Radar Sensor w/ VP
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- Radar Sensor
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Yes, there is an adapter available to upgrade to the new ART-2100. Please see Southeast Aerospace's upgrade solution - (ART-2100 Upgrade flyer)

The ART-2100 will replace the RS-861A with the incorporation of an adapter harness prescribed in Honeywell Installation Bulletin No. 445. The original IN-862A indicator (-00,01,30,31) are functional indicators that can be used with the ART-2100 sensor. The CM-2000 configuration module would need to be added in the radar system as well.

Southeast Aerospace provides complete retrofit packages for the Bendix RS series radar sensors to Honeywell ART sensors. Packages include equipment, adapter harness, programmed configuration module, and other instructions. Please contact Sales Dept for an exact quote.

The Bendix/King RDR 2100 Installation Manual (006-00648-0002), on page 1-1 states: "The RDR 2100 System consists of four modules: the Antenna/Receiver/ Transmitter (ART), the Radar Indicator, the System Antenna, and the Configuration Module. The system is positioned as a replacement for the RDS 86 ART."

In addition, there is a "RS-861A to ART-2100 Harness Connector Replacement" diagram in the RDR 2100 Installation Manual on page 2-107, Figure 2-50.