Part #: 822-2132-001

Model: TSS-4100

Collins Aerospace
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  • Responds in the correct mode dependent on the ground interrogation request
  • Provides antenna diversity operation, allowing automatic use of the upper or lower aircraft antenna based on signal strength
  • Control inputs for the operating mode and for the ID code to be set
  • Active surveillance of Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) and
  • Mode S Intruders
  • Collision Avoidance tracking
  • Threat detection and resolution
  • Communication and coordination
  • The TCAS function has the capability to track over 100 aircraft for best possible situation awareness and provides a maximum of 30 targets to the display system
  • Traffic and Resolution Advisories (aural and visual)
  • Modes: TA/RA, TA ONLY or STANDBY
  • Altitude selection: RELATIVE or ABSOLUTE
  • Altitude limit selection: ABOVE, BELOW, NORMAL TEST mode
Construction: 4 mcu
weight: 19 lbs. maximum
 Power Limit: 28 VCD @ 95 Watts
Connectors: ARINC 768
transmit power: Tranmit peak power 125-500 w
TRANSMIT/RECEIVER: Transmit on MHz; receive on 1030 MHz
tcas ii power: Transmit on 1030 MHz; receive on 1090 MHz
tcas ii transmit/receive: Recive sensitivity: -74 dBm
Part Number Product Description:
822-2132-001 Traffic Surveillance System


- Traffic Surveillance Processor
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