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Part #: 40699G-01

Model: H10-76XL




David Clark


Noise Cancelling Military Headset

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  • Passive Noise-Attenuating and Electronic NoiseCancelling Air Crew and Ground Crew Headsets for the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and most airborne command centers
  • Designed to provide clear, reliable, mission-critical communications. The headset is built to withstand the rigors of the military aircraft cockpit, while providing maximum comfort and performance to ensure the safety of military aviators
  • DC-87 dynamic noise-cancelling microphone MIL-PRF-26542F (USAF Specifications)
  • Undercut, comfort-gel ear seals provide unsurpassed comfort and enhanced noise-attenuation
  • Expanded, super-soft head pad for added comfort
  • Hinged wire boom
  • Single volume control
  • Allows use of standard-issue oxygen/bio-chemical mask with microphone



Ear type: Dynamic microphone: M-101 Amplified Dynamic or non-amplified
CORD: Coil Cord 15”/72” extended with 2 twisted pairs shielded Noise-Canceling Mic: M-87 Dynamic
Earphone Impedance: 150 Ω Mono/ 300 Ω stereo (each ear) Mic Impedance:: 5 Ω +30 /- 10%
Earphone Sensitivity:: 90 dB SPL on flat plate coupler, re 1mW input @ 1KHz

Mic Sensitivity:

At 25,000 feet 78-106 uV across 5 Ω load at 1KHz with input of 103 dB SPL at ¼” from source
Earphone Frequency Response: 300Hz – 3000 Hz +/- 3 dB

Mic Freq Response :

Response at 25,000 feet 200 Hz - 6,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
boom Type: Patented Flex/Wire Weight/Headset Only:: ~19 oz. (538 g)
Headpad/Hardware: Super-soft, Double-foam Headpad,Lightweight Hardware connector type: U-174/U
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C Operating Voltage: 9 VDC (Alkaline 9 Volts), 1 Watt Maximum
Part Number: Description:
40699G-01 Noise Cancelling, Military Headset-Microphone


- ENC Headset Low IMP

NSN: 5965-01-462-8230

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