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Part #: EDM-760-6C

Model: EDM-760


J.P. Instruments


Twin Engine Monitoring System

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JP Instruments with EMAPA – Blue Skies Aviation





  • Twin Engine Digital and Analog EGT/CHT Scanner
  • Operation and functions similar to EDM-700 but monitors two engines on one-3"display
  • No remote boxes, all processing in one panel unit
  • Standard features include- Memory Module, LeanFind, Shock Cooling, Normalize, Differential, Voltage and EGT/CHT
  • Available for 4 or 6 cylinder aircraft engines (i.e. EDM-760-4C, EDM-760-6C)
  • Primary replacement instrument for CHT and Oil Temperature
  • 29 alarms including EGT differential, alternator voltage, fuel flow and shock cooling
  • Normalize mode for accurate trend monitoring
  • LeanFind mode - automatically identifies first and last cylinder to peak
  • Detects bus voltage loss due to alternator failure
  • Cooling rate checked on each cylinder- maximum cooling rate shown in degrees per minute
  • Data Memory records all 29 functions every 6 seconds for up to 25 hours or every minute for 250 hours; downloadable to computer
  • Fuel flow optional
  • Other optional functions include OAT, Fuel Flow, RPM, Oil Temp, 2 Turbine Inlet Temp, Carb Temp, CDT, IAT
  • TSO'd
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • All systems include probes and harnesses with indicators



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edm-760-6c Twin Engine Monitoring System, (6-EGT & 6-CHT per engine + Data Recording , 24 probes)



- Engine Data Management System
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